11 Websites you can write and get paid instantly in 2023

Websites you can write and get paid instantly.

Are you passionate about writing? Freelancing can earn you a huge sum and it’s so flexible, that it can be done together with other regular jobs.

The Internet offers plenty of opportunities for bloggers and content writers; you just need to trust the right sites to start making a decent income with writing.

The benefit of a side hustle is that it allows you to generate more money from any place. You may earn a comfortable living by freelancing, did you know? Even from the comfort of your own home, or not?! Simply by composing superbly? It gets even better.

In this guide about The top Websites you can write and get paid instantly, we give details on how each of these websites pays writers and what niche you are expected to write on.

Tips for rapidly monetizing your writing

In reality, writing for others will involve greater clarity and more formal use of language or grammatical construction, at least to a large extent. You must therefore familiarize yourself with the requirements you will face as a professional author.

Download the grammar-checking software Grammarly, which is a requirement for all proficient writers. There is a premium package available for those who wish to develop their writing even further.

In addition to assisting in the correction of grammatical issues, the application enables you to determine whether your post has been plagiarized. Do you understand how important it is to reference resource articles when writing an article? Oftentimes, copying so many words from such sources can result in a plagiarized piece of work that is aesthetically pleasing.

In the process of consulting such sources, a small number of authors frequently duplicate sentences from previously published articles.

Moreover, you need add-ons for your Google Chrome browser, which is, by the way, the most favored browser for online writing. Included in these add-ons are SEO Minion, Quick Javascript Switcher, Alexa Traffic Rank, etc.

We will now go to a categorical ranking of the top sites where you may write and be paid immediately.

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List of the Websites you can write and get paid instantly

The following is a list of the Websites you can write and get paid instantly:

1. WritersGig

Moving Out: Beautiful Smiling Overweight Woman Sitting on the Floor Surrounded by Packed Boxes and Making a To-do List A happy plus size woman moving out, sitting on the floor and making a list of items packed write stock pictures, royalty-free photos & images

WritersGig is one of the websites you can write and get paid instantly. Meant specifically for African authors and is not limited to a particular niche.

If you are a dedicated writer who wants to earn a living as a full-time or part-time writer while working a full-time job or attending school, then WritersGig is the place to start.

Go ahead and acquire your first gig, provide quality writing on time, and receive a 5-star rating from your customer; from there, things will only improve.


The American College of Healthcare Sciences is another website you can write and get paid for your work. Mostly concerned with health-related topics, If you are specialized in producing blogs about health, you should consider getting a gig on this website.

They are seeking freelance writers who can compose 600-1000-word articles that are original and useful. Such authors will be compensated $50.


3. Funds for Writers

Funds for Writers rewards writers for blogging about enlightening topics. And is one of the best websites you can write and get paid instantly.

This website is very concerned with writers sticking to their rules. And they pay as high as $45 and $50 for each article.

4. Earn a Living by Writing


This Websites you can write and get paid has been operational for almost a decade, and it is well known for having compensated numerous freelance writers. The Websites you can write and get paid has collaborated with hundreds of writers from around the world, making it one of the greatest currently available.

$50 is given via PayPal to authors whose articles are accepted and deemed acceptable enough to be published on the website. Visit the webpage for additional information.

5. Audio Tuts +

Audio Tuts + is also one of the best websites for bloggers to get paid. The site provides authors with the possibility to earn money by submitting audio-related content. You receive $50 for composing a 500-word essay.

6. Listverse

This is one of the most rewarding websites for writers. On Listverse, there is no fixed niche, you can write on any topic from Entertainment, Sports, Technology, and so on.

Listverse pays writers about $100 for 1500-word posts.

7. Back to School

Back to School is a strictly educational website where you can write and get paid instantly. This Website pays authors for producing posts that are valuable to senior students. You stand to make between $75 to $135 for accepted and published posts

8. TheTechLabs.com

With TechLabs.com, you can earn about $70 from writing about Adobe-related content. This best website where you can write and get paid instantly compensates writers for sharing their Adobe expertise via PayPal

9. Metro Parent

Do you think you can write for one of the most successful parenting magazines on the web? Metro Parent is always looking for experienced freelance writers who can write content of interest to parents.

You can write department columns of 500-700 words or feature articles of 1000-2500 words.

Depending on the type of articles you write, you’ll get payments from $35 to $350.

9. The Agent of Change

On this website, you write basically on adult education-related information in an effort to assist persons seeking to increase their educational level.

The website offers $250 for each published content with a minimum word count requirement of 250. Payment is fixed, irrespective of the quantity of words in the post. Discover more about this site.

10. Theme forest

Centered on WordPress themes and web building, Theme Forest is among the best website you can write and get paid instantly. You can earn as high as $100 from writing an informative post on theme forest.


11. Net Tuts+

Net Tuts+ pays programmers that has broad coding experience. This website where you can write and get paid instantly is suitable for individuals with an extensive understanding of coding and can teach the same to others.

The website rewards authors up to $150 for every accepted and published article. Visit the website for more information

Conclusion( Websites you can write and get paid instantly in 2023)

To get started on these aforementioned websites, you have to sign up for a Paypal account, which is simple and free.

Ensure your contents are unique( 100% original). Something that will be of benefit to the reader, and something that leaves the reader with an action plan

If allowed, try an aim for a personal experience in your post so the audience can relate to it. This makes your post more relatable and sets a realistic goal for the readers. And start getting paid for writing on topics you love!


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