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In this article, we will be looking extensively at the University of Sydney available international scholarships for foreign students. If you want to know more about the available foreign scholarships available at University of Sydney, then read on. But first, let’s give you a brief introduction into the University of Sydney itself. It only makes sense for you to know a little bit about the University you wish to win a scholarship to study in, right? So, let’s start with introducing you to the University of Sydney.University of Sydney International Scholarship

An Introduction To The University of Sydney

University of Sydney is one of the top universities in Australia where students can apply to to earn their degrees in undergraduate and postgraduate study programs. This university was founded in the year 1850 and is a public research university in Australia. University of Sydney is a key part of Australia’s top 6 sandstone universities. Did you know that the University of Sydney was ranked among the top 10 most beautiful universities in the world according to the British Daily Telegraph and The Huffington Post.


University of Sydney has up to 9 faculties that cover their Undergraduate and postgraduate degrees. Though the University was founded 170 years ago, it continues to be one of the best universities in Australia till date. Up to 5 nobel laureates are alumni of University of Sydney. Apart from the main campus located in Camperdown, the university also has other campuses scattered across Sydney. The university was ranked by the QS World rankings to be the 40th best university in the world.


And in Australia, it is ranked to be the 2nd best university by the QS National rankings. After all these that has been said, you can see that the university profile for the University of Sydney is very impressive. Now, let’s move on to the available international scholarships available at the University of Sydney.


University of Sydney International Scholarships

Whether you are a prospective undergraduate, postgraduate researcher or a coursework student, University of Sydney has a collection of scholarships available for you as an international student. The scholarships are divided into three categories depending on the study program of the foreign student. There are scholarships available for international students of Bachelors and Honors, students of Postgraduate Coursework and Postgraduate Research. Let’s take a look;


1. Scholarships for Undergraduate international students

Kindly visit for more detailed information on these scholarships listed below.


University of Sydney is dedicated to offering support in terms of scholarships to students who are foreign and are applying to study for an undergraduate degree. Some scholarships under this category include:


  • Under the General scholarships category, we have a number like the American Australian Arts Fund etc.. 
A. American Australian Arts Fund has a scholarship value of up to $30,000 and it is open to undergraduate foreign students to apply for


In order to be eligible, you must have an official letter for you to get into the project development program and you must also be based in the Arts field.


B. American Australian Veteran’s fund


This scholarship has a value of up to $40,000 for its beneficiaries. In order to be eligible, you have to be searching for a placemnt actively. And students of any field can apply.


C. Australia Awards Scholarships


This scholarship is a very prestigious one that is sponsored by the Australian government. They have been sponsoring students to the University for 60 years now. And in 2020 alone, they said on their website, that they will sponsor up to 1,985 students in the year alone. The scholarship’s main aim is to help students from up to 50 developing countries have access to quality higher and tertiary education. The budget for these students in 2020 is about $280 million. You can visit to know more about this scholarship. This program partners with University of Sydney.


D. Brazillian Government Scholarship Program


This scholarship can also support you fully to get your undergraduate degree at the University of Sydney as an international student. Please visit for more information that is, if you understand Portuguese or you can have their website translated for you through Google Translate.


E. Freemason’s Scholarship


This scholarship is for the children or grandchildren of the Freemasons. The scholarship is valued at $400 for 3 years for each recipient of the award. The scholarship was open by 1 July, 2019 and it closed 26 July, 2019. So, you can use this date to gauge when next the scholarship will be open. Successful recipients have to be highly achieving in their academics.


There is also the Faculty scholarship for the Undergraduate category of scholarships. Like:


  • Faculty of Science Honours Relocation Scholarships which has a value of up to $6,000. And it is open to both undergraduates and postgraduates who are applying under the faculty of Science.
  • Pitt Cobbett scholarship for students applying under the Faculty of Law.
  • Sydney Law School Exchange Scholarship available under the Faculty of Law.
  • Faculty of Medicine and Health scholarships and so much more. Please see more at

2. Scholarships for Prospective foreign postgraduate coursework students

  • Under the general scholarships, we have: American Australian Arts Fund, American Australian Education Fund, American Australian Veterans Fund, Australia Awards Scholarships, Becas Chile etc. For more public information on the scholarships for international students of postgraduate coursework, you have to visit the University of Sydney website.
  • Under the Faculty scholarships, there are the Architecture Design and Planning Hong Kong Design Centre Scholarship for students of the faculty of Architecture, the Business Dean’s International Scholarship for Academic Excellence under the Faculty of Business etc.

3. Scholarships for Postgraduate Research Students

There are different scholarships available for this program.


  • The Australian Government Research Training Program Scholarships is for students who applied for scholarship to an HDR.
  • The Faculty scholarships are numerous under this study level as well.
  • The General scholarships are also available for this Postgraduate Research level.


In conclusion, though we only talked briefly on the individual scholarship categories, you can know more about the ones you picked and how to apply to them by visiting the University of Sydney’s international scholarship page at

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