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University of Ottawa is located in Canada. This university is located in the heart of Ottawa, a city in Canada found in the province of Ontario. If you are a student that wishes to study in Canada and precisely the University of Ottawa, then this article is for you. We will be outlining all the important things you should know as an aspiring student of the University of Ottawa. Let’s get to the point.


University of Ottawa

Where exactly is University of Ottawa located in Canada? 

You can find the University of Ottawa in the capital of Canada which is Ontario. If you want to take a flight from New York in the  USA, you would reach Ottawa in 90 minutes, this means that travelling to nearby countries is very easy. Ottawa has a population of up to one million people and up to 50% of that population speak both English and French.


What makes University of Ottawa special?


University of Ottawa is located in such a highly developed tech city, a huge sports loving city and a tourist city as Ottawa. Also, do you know you can study in either English Language or French or even both in Ottawa? You just have to be proficient at one language and know it well. It is not a requirement to speak or know how to speak the two languages. Also, all the courses offered at the university are taught in either one of the languages or the both of them. To gain admission to University of Ottawa, a student may need to submit their “Proof of Language Proficiency” in one of the languages. There are also a number of courses that students can take to improve their proficiency in the languages, these courses are offered by the University of Ottawa.
Some important things to know about University of Ottawa
University of Ottawa is ranked among the best 20 universities in the whole world. Also, uOttawa is one of the top 10  research focused universities in the country. University of Ottawa has a total of 10 faculties and these 10 faculties offer up to 450 degree programs across all levels. Also, up to 40,000 students  from 150 countries and from across Canada study at the University of Ottawa.
  • Also, the university offers up to 160 graduate (i.e, diplomas, Master’s and Doctorate) programs.
  • The University of Ottawa is located in the centre of Canada’s capital and the students have access to world renowned laboratories and facilities.
  • Degrees issued to graduates from uOttawa are internationally recognised and respected.
What is the Co-op program at uOttawa?


Do you know that you can begin training for your career right there as a student? This co-op program takes your education to the next level indeed. What co-op program means is that, you can both study and work. There are a number of co-op programs available to students depending on the course. You get to improve your resume, fund your studies and develop professional skills within your field. All these are available at the University of Ottawa.


What about the Cotutelle program?


Also called the Cotutelle Doctoral Program. It allows Doctorate students to complete their Doctoral studies at two different universities at the same time! The student will be jointly supervised by  thesis supervisors at each institution and the student can attend the two universities on a rotation. The students will take just one comprehensive exam and will work on a thesis presented to a jury chosen by the two institutions. When the students are through, each one of the universities confers a degree each to the student. On the degree certificates, it will be stated that the degrees are a collaboration for the Cotutelle program.


Immigration and Study Permit questions?


If you are a foreign student looking at moving to Canada for study program, you can have all your immigration related questions answered, pay a visit to the CIC website (Citizenship and Immigration Canada) at


What about housing?


Only newly admitted first year students can have access or be granted housing on campus. But such student must meet the Housing Guarantee Criteria. To know if you meet the Housing Guarantee Criteria, kindly visit which is the University’s Housing service website. For other additional information about Housing, do visit the university housing website given above.


Are there Meal Plans?


You can subscribe to a meal plan of your choice. And students have the benefit of choosing from a wide range of options for meals.


Health Insurance Plans


It is compulsory for all foreigner to have an insurance plan is supposed to cover your medical and hospital expenses throughout your study time in Canada. The UHIP(that is, University Health Insurance Plan) is very useful for all  students especially foreign students.


Budget Preparation for aspiring students


The importance of having a budget plan cannot be overemphasized. It is to make sure that you plan your finances well to accommodate all your important university expenses. According to the website of the University of Ottawa, there are estimates that you can plan your budget around. Below we will list some cost estimates;
  • Tuition and incidental fees for undergraduate students is  between $27,552- $49,390 CAD.
  • Tuition and incidental fees for Master’s, Diploma and PhD students is estimated to be between $14,800- $32,400 CAD.
Estimated costs for Textbooks and  supplies


Estimated costs for Arts, Health, Sciences, Social Sciences and Sciences for Textbooks and supplies is $800 CAD. Textbooks and supplies for students of Civil law, Management and Engineering are estimated at $1200 CAD.


Transit Pass Estimated costs


The costs for U-pass or transit pass for students of all departments has been included in the incidental fees.


Estimated costs for Housing


Students are advised to prepare up to $6,000 CAD or more for a shared off campus apartment.


What about food?


Estimated costs for groceries in an academic year is about $2,400 CAD and the cost estimates for the uOttawa meal plan is between $3,100- $4,600 CAD a year.


The above cost estimates were made for the 2017- 2018 academic year at Ottawa and may have changed by now.


What to do when you have been admitted?


If you are an undergraduate student and you have been sent your offer  of admission, you must either accept the offer or decline it. You should follow the instructions on your admission file to either accept or decline and read the terms and conditions carefully before taking any actions.
Conclusively, familiarize yourself with the university of Ottawa’s email news letters and website to keep abreast of all necessary information as an aspiring student. We hope this article enlightened you.

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