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In this article, we will be looking extensively into International scholarships available at New South Wales University. When we say international scholarships, we mean scholarships that are available for foreign students to apply for. There are a number of them available at University of New South Wales. But first, let’s give you a decent introduction into the educational institution itself. University Of New South Wales International Scholarships

Brief Introduction To University of New South Wales

This university is a public research university located in Sydney,  Kensington, Australia. We will refer to the university as UNSW for short throughout this article. UNSW was founded in 1949 about 71 years ago. As at 2018, a total of up to 62,509 students have enrolled at the university both undergraduates and postgraduates.


You can visit the college’s website at to see more details than the info we give out here. The university has a total of nine faculties and different study programs that it offers to its undergraduate and postgraduate students.


The main campus of UNSW is located at Kensington in Sydney while the other campuses are located in places like Randwick, Albury, Coogee, Cowan, Coffs Harbour etc. UNSW has faculties like UNSW Arts & Design, UNSW Business School, UNSW Law, UNSW Science, UNSW Engineering, UNSW Arts & Social Sciences and so on.


According to the QS World Rankings of 2020, University of New South Wales ranked nuber 43 in the world among best universities globally. While in Australia, according to the QS National, UNSW ranked number 3 in 2019 among best universities in Australia. There have been a number of notable people who are alumni to the university who have achieved great feats in the world and the university is well ranked for good student welfare.


International Scholarships available at University of New South Wales

The scholarships available at University of New South Wales are divided into different categories depending on the applicant’s level whether they are undergraduates, postgraduates, postgraduates doing research works, and so on. We will look at the different scholarships available under each category below. To register or apply for any of the scholarships below, please visit the official scholarship registration page on the UNSW website at


A. Undergraduate Scholarships

There are 5 scholarships available under this category of Undergraduate Scholarships.


1. Alumni Association Scholarship

This scholarship option is for children and grandchildren of alumni of UNSW who are currently undergoing high school education or secondary school education.


2. UNSW Hong Kong Alumni Award

This scholarship opportunity is for residents of Hong Kong, China who will like to have their undergraduate degrees at UNSW. Residents of Hong Kong that would love to better society and contribute positively can apply for this scholarship.


3. Humanities and Languages Equity Scholarship

This scholarship option is also available for foreign students that wish to study at UNSW. It is for students that are disadvantaged. It was set up to encourage these students to take up undergraduate programs under the School of Humanities and Languages at UNSW.


4. UNSW Business School International Scholarship

This option is for high achieving foreign academic students who are applying for their undergraduate degree program under the UNSW Business School.


5. UNSW Business School International Pathways Award

This award is for foreign students who have performed excellently in their academics and have completed the UNSW Foundation studies program in order to study at the UNSW Business school. It is also for foreign students who with the help of an abroad partner institution are undergoing an articulation pathway qualification.
These five scholarship options above are available for Undergraduate foreign students at UNSW. The link to register for any of the above has been given earlier in this article.

B. Postgraduate (Coursework) Scholarships

1. Arts and Design International Coursework Scholarship

This scholarship option is for foreign artists and designers who have been practising and are now willing to take up a Master’s degree (coursework) in Arts and Design at UNSW. The degree has to be done full-time.


2. Humanities and Languages Equity Scholarship

This one is for foreign disadavantaged students to encourage them to take up postgraduate programs under the School of Humanities and Languages.


3. Faculty of Law Juris Doctor Award for Foreign Students

This is for foreign applicants who performed well in their undergraduates and now want to take the Juris Doctor study program at University of New South Wales.

4. UNSW Business School

International Scholarship.
This scholarship option is for academically high achieving foreign students who want to apply for one of the postgraduate degree programs offered at UNSW Business School.


5. UNSW Business School International Pathways Award

This fifth scholarship option is for high academically achieving foreign students who are taking an Articulation Pathway program from an approved foreign partner or for high achieving students who have finished with the UNSW Foundation Studies program that will give them the pass to UNSW Business school.


The above scholarship options are for Postgraduate applicants that will be doing coursework programs and would love to benefit from a scholarship as a foreigner.


C. Postgraduate (Research) Scholarships

1. Australian Government Research Training Program (RTP) Scholarship

This is a type of international research scholarship available at UNSW. Foreign students applying for postgraduate research programs can benefit from it. This scholarship covers tuition fees and its value is up to $28,092 for a year. The scholarship also covers the OSHC (Overseas Student Health Cover). This scholarship is funded by the government of Australia and lasts for a period of 3.5 years for a PhD program and 2 years for a Master’s Research program. Visit for more information.


2. University International Postgraduate Award (UIPA)

This scholarship option is valued at $28,092 per year and it covers the tuition fee of the successful applicant. It is funded by the University of New South Wales and runs for a period of 3.5 years for PhD program to 2 years for a Master’s research program. Visit for more information.


3. Tuition Fee Scholarship (TFS)

This scholarship program is for foreign postgraduate research students and it is valued at $28,092 a year. The scholarship covers the tuition fee expenses of the scholar and is funded by UNSW. It usually also covers a stipend which is funded by the school or faculty. It runs for 3.5 years for PhD and 2 years for MSc.


What are the methods of applying for these scholarships?

All you need to do as an applicant is to indicate your interest in being considered for any preferred scholarship option of your choice in your application letter for admission. The preferred scholarship option should correspond to your level whether postgraduate or undergraduate. You should state your interest in the application letter you will submit for admission to your study program at UNSW.


Conclusively, as a foreign student you can win a scholarship award to study at University of New South Wales in Australia. It is very possible. Simply indicate your preferred scholarship option in your application letter for admission and await the outcome. For more information, please visit the university’s foreign scholarship page at

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