Study in Australia! University of Melbourne Scholarships | 2023 Comprehensive Guide

University of Melbourne is one of the top universities in Australia and luckily for foreign students, there are numerous scholarships for foreign students to be grabbed at the university. This is mainly what we will be looking at in this article. We will be discussing the different scholarships that you can apply for at University of Melbourne as an international student. First, let’s introduce you to the University of Melbourne a bit.
Study in Australia! University of Melbourne Scholarships

A brief introduction to the University of Melbourne

University of Melbourne is a public research college located in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. The university website is at University of Melbourne is part of Australia’s six sandstone universities. The university was founded in the year 1853 about 167 years ago. This university is the 2nd oldest university in Australia and it is the oldest in Victoria.


According to the Times Higher Education ranking of 2017/2018, University of Melbourne ranked 32nd best university in the world. In Australia, the university was ranked 2nd by the QS National rankings of 2019. It usually flunctuates between been the 1st or 2nd best university in Australia.University of Melbourne - Scholarships Info Hub
The main campus of the University of Melbourne is located in Parkville, Australia. Other campuses are in places such as Southbank, Burnley, Creswick, Dookie, Shepparton and Weribee. Also, the university’s undergraduate degree is not structured like other Australian universities’ undergraduate degree system. Instead, the university has a three year generalized degree system.

Scholarships available at University of Melbourne

1. Melbourne Mobility Awards

The value of this scholarship award is up to $6,000. And all students are eligible to apply for this scholarship whether Australian or international students. And applications are required to be considered for this scholarship. The scholarship is available to students of all study areas and the scholarship benefit is usually in the form of single payments.


The applications for this scholarship were formerly open but has now closed since 19th of March, 2020. Up to 2,000 scholars are awarded this scholarship. Currently students cannot apply for this scholarship because of the travel ban due to COVID-19 pandemic. So, students and willing applicants are advised to wait till the travel ban is lifted. Then, application will be open and the process for application will be released.
This scholarship has some eligibility requirements for students to possess before they can apply. For example;
  • Students must be enrolled for either an undergraduate or graduate coursework degree at the University of Melbourne.
  • Students must have applied for the Melbourne Mobility Awards before the start of their international study program.
  • The student must intend to spend at least 3 weeeks for program at the University of Melbourne and more.


You can get full details about this scholarship by visiting for more information.


2. Marie Sklodowska-Curie Actions

This is one of Europe’s most competitive awards and it is aimed at supporting and encouraging the best scientitsts to do their research work. Regardless of your age or your country of origin, The Marie Skldowska-Curie Actions award is aimed at encouraging researchers, supporting them to go on and help society. The scholarship has a budget of up to 1 Billion Euros. There are four variations that this scholarship comes in. They are;


A. Innovative Training Networks: This scholarship is for researchers who are still within the early years of their research careers and are yet to gain a doctorate degree. This scholarship will partner with universities, research institutes etc., to train the awarded researchers up to doctorate level. Benefits include a monthly stipend of up to 3,270 Euros for awarded researchers each, Family allowances and Mobility allowance of 600 Euros. The scholarship lasts for between 3-36 months depending on the duration of study of the researcher. Applications closed by 15th of January, 2015.


B. Individual Fellowships: This variation of the Maria Sklodowska-Curie Actions is for researchers who are already experienced in their field but who wish to boost their careers further by studying abroad. Researchers that are awarded get a stipend monthly of about 4,880 Euros, family allowances and mobility allowances.


The host institute or organisation of the researchers might also get some amount of money to take care of the researchers every month. The scholarship varaiation lasts for between 2-3 years depending. Applications close by September 10, 2020. This scholarship variation is for researchers who have completed their four years of full time research after graduating or who have a doctorate already.


C. Research and Innovation Staff Exchange: This variation is for funding the exchange of personnel’s on a short term basis between organizations. The scholarship covers allowance for travel, accommodation, and subsistence costs every month. The host organisation hosting the awardees might also be awarded some money. The scholarship lasts for up to 4 years for researchers.


D. Co-funding of Regional, National and International Programmes: This scholarship holds benefits of up to 10 million Euros for researchers. The scholarship variation assists organisations in additional funding of their training for researchers and programmes.


Kindly visit to see more information on how to apply for these Marie Sklodowska-Curie variations of scholarships. The value of the Marie Sklodowska-Curie Actions award generally varies between $20,000 to $16,000,000 and the number of students awarded is usually at least 1,500 in number.


3. Graduate Research Scholarships

This scholarship is for academically high performing students who wish to take a graduate program based in research at the University of Melbourne. For students that apply for a graduate research program at the University of Melbourne, they will be automatically considered for the scholarship. There will be no need to submit a formal application.


The kind of benefit this scholarship awards students is the fee remission benefit and general allowance. Students that will be considered can either be Australian or foreign students. And up to 600 students benefit from this scholarship according to the UNIMELB website. You can go to the scholarship page on the UNIMELB website for more information like eligibility, selection criteria and conditions.


There are hundreds and hundreds of scholarship options available for students who wish to study at UNIMELB. A quick browse on their scholarship page will show you all you need to know. Goodluck.

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