University of Calgary – Admission Requirements, Entrance Exams, Popular Courses

University of Calgary is one of the top universities in Canada and we will be looking at some key points for aspiring and prospective students such as admission requirements, entrance examinations and popular courses offered at this university.


University of Calgary
University of Calgary is located at 2,500 University Drive, Calgary, Alberta in Canada. Most of the information in this article will be useful for future students.


Now, let’s get to the Admission Requirements, shall we?


Admission Requirements for courses.


The application date range for Fall 2021 Admission intake is between October 1, 2020 to March 1, 2021.


  • The education system curriculum used in the University of Calgary is the Alberta curriculum.
  • The average admission score estimated for any course at the University of Calgary is “low 80s”.
  • There is the Indigenous Admissions Category for applicants where students who have identified as Indigenous on their application form, will be automatically be considered under the Indigenous Admissions process.
  • There is also the Diverse Qualifications Category. This category is for students who have done exceptionally well outside the academic sector. For students who have overcome a lot of hardships outside the educational  sector of the University community. Up to 1% of this category of students can be picked annually from the undergraduates students’ lists.
Also, students that wish to be admitted to the University of Calgary must meet the minimum admission requirements stipulated in the Section A. 5 of the academic calendar. Which are;


  • Students must be ready to meet up with the English proficiency requirements.
  • Students is suppose to have a permanent resident or be a citizen of Canada to meet all requirements for admission to the University of Calgary
  • Students must provide the contact details of two of the references stated/submitted.
  • Students must provide transcripts from their high school and post secondary institutions that were attended.

English Language Proficiency

In order to be considered for admission at all, there is a major  admission requirement and it is the English Language Proficiency (ELP). At the University of Calgary, English Language is the official language of instruction. Therefore, all applicants must demonstrate proficiency in the language. In order to be given admission to the undergraduate program. There are 3 basic ways to meet the English Language entrance requirements. They are;


  1. The High School Studies.: Showing proficiency in the English  Language through the High school method entails that the student must have finished spending 3 years at an accredited Canadian, American, or British Curricula high school with English Language being the primary language at the school or the high school should be in an approved English speaking country by the University of Calgary.
  2.  The English Language Test Scores.: Perhaps your high school does not fulfill the high school requirements stipulated by the University, you can take approved English Language tests and present the test scores. You must meet the minimum test score which is stated in the University of Calgary academic calendar. The school code for the TOEFL exam is 0813.
  3. ACC (Academic Communication Certificate).: This is for students that are still English learner’s and wish to study at the University. If you are able to complete the ACC by the end of summer term, you could be considered for admission.
  • Other things to know about Admission Requirements.
There are two admission processes typically followed by the University of Calgary admissions team. The processes are the Early admission process and the Standard Admission Process.
The Early admission process takes into consideration four approved courses from grade 11. While the Standard Admission process considers 5 approved courses from either grade 11 or 12.


Students that are admitted through the Early or Standard admission process must complete all grade 12 or 3 O-level course requirements and the students must be able to maintain the admission average for that year.


  •  Also, there are a list of approved courses of which applying students must have credit in up to four or five of them. The courses are;

Aboriginal Studies, a 5 credit language/culture course, Biology, Chemistry, CTS Computers Advanced, Fine Arts (which includes Art, Choral Music, Drama, Dance, etc), Mathematics, Physical Education, Physics, Science and social studies. All courses submitted must be picked from any of the above.

  • It is very important to know that all individual degree programs have their own specific admission requirements. For example, courses like Accounting, Law, Geology, Business administration etc. all have individual requirements for course combinations and options.
    It is advised that you visit to check the admission requirements specific to your course or program.

How To Apply?

University of Calgary uses an online application method. You will be asked to create an eID or if you have one already in order to access the online application. Once you have submitted all documents and have successfully applied, your application will become ACTIVE and you will be able to check when your application has been received. You can check the list of application documents we gave earlier in this article to know which documents to submit.


Also, YOU SHOULD pay your online application fee as you submit. Unpaid fees will result in unprocessed applications. The fees range from $125 to $145 depending on if you are a Canadian citizen /permanent resident or you are an international student.


Popular Courses at University of Calgary.

Of the 160 degree programs offered at the University of Calgary, there are a number of courses applied to at University of Calgary that are most popular among applicants. Let’s look at some of them below!
Master of Science in Computer Science which lasts for 2 years, Masters of Science in Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering which is for 2 years, B.Sc in Engineering and Software Engineering for 4 years, B.Sc in Engineering and Mechanical Engineering for 4 years, Bachelor of Science in Computer Science. For 4 years, Bachelor of Arts in Economics for 4 years, Bachelor of Commerce in General Commerce. 4 years, Bachelor of Science in Biological Sciences for 4 years, B.Sc in Engineering and Electrical Engineering, Bachelor of Science in Biomedical sciences, Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering, Bachelor of Science in Oil and Gas Engineering, Bachelor of Science in Physics, B. Sc in Chemistry, B. Sc in Mathematics, B. Sc in Biomechanics, B. Sc in Biochemistry and so on.


All the popular courses in the B. Sc category above run for 4 years.


We hope we have helped you with enough information you need to apply to, and make an informed decision on University of Calgary.

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