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University of Adelaide is a top university located in Australia and they have a number of scholarships that are up for grabs to their students. In this article, that is exactly what we will be discussing here about the University of Adelaide Scholarship.


University of Adelaide Scholarship 2021
We will look briefly at University of Adelaide itself, we will look at the available scholarships at the university and some information on how to be eligible for these scholarships. Links will also be added where appropriate. So, let’s dive in, shall we?


A brief introduction to the University of Adelaide

University of Adelaide is a public university located in South Australia in Adelaide. This university was established in 1874 and since then it has grown to become one of Australia’s best universities even globally. Adelaide University as it is informally called, is the third oldest university in Australia. The university’s website address is at


There are four campuses for Adelaide university. With three out of the four campuses located in South Australia and the fourth one located in Melbourne, Victoria. University of Adelaide has five faculties under which there are various schools. The faculties are Faculty of Engineering, Computer and Mathematical sciences, Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences, Faculty of Arts, Faculty of Sciences and Faculty of the Professions. University of Adelaide is also part of the six sandstone universities in Australia.


The university of Adelaide has played major roles in groundbreaking discoveries that led to huge positive contributions to society. For example, the university played a significant role in the discovery and creation of Penicillin, Wi-Fi, Space exploration milestones etc.


According to the QS World rankings of 2019, University of Adelaide ranked the 106th best university in the world. While in Australia, the QS National rankings of 2019, ranked University of Adelaide as the 8th best university in Australia. Having said all these about Adelaide University, we should move on now to Scholarships available at the University of Adelaide.


University of Adelaide Scholarships

University of Adelaide is very committed to ensuring that foreign students are able to grab educational opportunities at the university. And so, they have a number of scholarships available for students who wish to study at Adelaide university and who could use the assistance of an educational funding program. So, below we will take a look at the available scholarships at University of Adelaide.


For full information on any of the scholarships below, kindly visit to read up on eligibility requirements, application processes etc.


1. Global Citizens Scholarship

Beneficiaries of this scholarship award can get up to 15% to 30% deduction from their tuition fees for the time period of which the scholar will complete their undergraduate or postgraduate degrees at the university. Undergraduate students can either get a 15% reduction of their school tuition or a 30% reduction of their tuition.


  • To get a 15% reduction, the applicant has to be a year 12 foreign student who had a minimum raw ATAR equivalent score of 80.
  • To get a 30% reduction, the applicant has to be a year 12 foreign student who had a minimum ATAR equivalent score of 90.

For postgraduates, the applicant can either get a 15% reduction or a 30% reduction as well.

  • To get a 15% reduction as a foreign postgraduate applicant, they must have a minimum GPA of 5.0 out of 7 or its equivalent.
  • To get a 30% reduction, the applicant must have a minimum GPA of 6.0 out of 7 or its equivalent.
This Global Citizens Scholarship is only available for students starting their study program in 2020. And it is open to citizens of any country around the world apart from citizens of Australia or New Zealand.


2. Higher Education Scholarships

This scholarship covers only students that have had their year 12 studies or an AQF recognised program at a certified Australian higher institution before they start their normal degree program at University of Adelaide. It is for students who have shown genuine interest in the Australian system of education. Such students, whether undergraduate or postgraduate, are therefore rewarded by this scholarship program for successfully completing their year 12 education or AQF recognised course at an Australian higher institution.


The scholarship has benefits that include a 25% tuition reduction for the student throughout their postgraduate and undergraduate degrees. This scholarship like the one above, is available only to students starting their program in 2020. To be eligible, applicants must be an alumni of an AQF program at one Australian higher institution or be an Australian year 12 graduate with an ATAR score of 80. Students need not apply as the scholarship willl be automatically awarded to you if you meet the requirements for eligibility.


3. Global Academic Excellence Scholarship

This scholarship option is also only available for 2020 applicants. This award is highly competitive among undergraduate and postgraduate applicants. It rewards those students who have shown high academic excellence in their studies beforehand. This scholarship will award only two students from each faculty in the University of Adelaide.


The scholars will be rewarded with a 50% tuition reduction throughout their study program. In order to qualify for this scholarship, undergraduate applicants must have a raw ATAR of 98 or its equivalent. And postgraduate applicants must have a previous GPA of 6.8 out of 7 or its equivalent.


4. Family Scholarship

This scholarship option offered by the University of Adelaide is for undergraduate and postgraduate applicants who have a relative who is an alumni or student of the university. The scholarship typically covers up to 25% of the tuition fee of those awarded for the period within which their full time program will last whether undergraduate or postgraduate.


University of Adelaide Scholarship
This scholarship is available for only 2020 applicants. To be eligible, the student must have already a University of Adelaide admission offer, completed the admission acceptance process as outlined and be enrolled in full time study.


Like we mentioned earlier, for full information on these scholarships, you are advised to visit the site of University of Adelaide, specifically their scholarships page at for more information.

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