Top 15 Universities in Prague in English for Students (2023)

Here at ScholarshipSoFar, we’ll be talking about the list of the top 15 English-speaking universities in Prague where students can pursue their academic dreams and graduate with honors in 2023.

Most international students travel to school for a variety of reasons. You’ve come to the right place if you’ve chosen Prague as your study abroad destination or are still debating it, regardless of the factor(s) that influenced your choice. The Top 15 Universities in Prague for Students will be discussed, along with the benefits of attending each one.

With a population of roughly 1.309 million, Prague is the capital and largest city of the Czech Republic, the twelfth largest city in the European Union, and the former capital of Bohemia. Prague is regarded as one of the most affordable countries for students to study in because of the lower cost of a higher standard of living.

As a result, this article about Prague’s English-speaking universities will provide you with even more justifications for traveling there to enjoy these and other advantages.

The best foreign schools and universities in Prague as well as their online counterparts will also be covered.

Why Study in Top 15 Universities in Prague in English for Students?

Among the many fields of study offered by Prague’s universities are law, medicine, the humanities, the social sciences, and education. At the bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degree levels, students can specialize.

International students can take study programs and courses in English, French, and German at the Top 15 Universities in Prague for Students. Both full-time internal studies and part-time external study are options offered by some universities for their programs.

You can enroll in several short courses that are frequently set up as summer school courses and cover subjects like economics and political science, as well as a few remote learning (online) programs.

Students now have access to the knowledge and study materials they need to succeed in their academic endeavors thanks to the integration of modern technology into classrooms and libraries.

Here are few reasons why you should pick Top 15 Universities in Prague in English for Students:

  • You will receive an affordable education of world-class quality as well as a college education.
  • Learn while incurring fewer living expenditures.
  • Some colleges in Prague are also recognized in the United States and other countries.
  • Prague is one of the safest international study destinations.
  • You will have the possibility of foreign travel.
  • You will have the chance to learn or practice Czech.
  • You will also get knowledge and familiarity with a foreign culture and nation.
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How to study in Top 15 Universities in Prague in English:

Follow these five simple steps if you wish to enroll in a short-term or full-time degree program in the Czech Republic.

  • Research Your Options: 

The initial step in studying in Prague is to investigate your alternatives and choose the institution or university that matches your needs the most. Find a school that best meets your needs, your objectives, and your long-term academic and career ambitions; never attempt to bind yourself to a school.

  • Plan how to finance Your Studies:

Start financial planning as soon as feasible. Each year, substantial amounts of money are awarded to international students to assist them in paying for their education. Nevertheless, the rivalry is intense. Applications for financial help are submitted with admissions applications.

If you are considering studying in English at universities in Prague, one of the first steps you should take is to evaluate your financial condition.

As with any investment, you must examine your educational and professional objectives, as well as your spending capacity.

  • Complete Your Application: 
Plan beforehand and familiarize yourself with the application paperwork and requirements for your program.
  • Apply For Your Student Visa: 

Develop a plan in advance and familiarize yourself with the documentation and prerequisites for your program’s application.

  • Get set For Your Departure: 

Information pertaining to departure, such as document assembly for arrival and immigration compliance, should be neatly organized and maintained.

Check out the website of your new school for specialized information such as health insurance, average area temperatures, local transportation alternatives, housing, and more.

Do universities in Prague offer courses in English?

Some of the most prestigious public and private universities in Prague offer English language classes. Despite the fact that the bulk of university study programs are normally presented in Czech, yet still, universities in Prague in English are there for you.

Which universities in Prague offer online programs?

Listed below are some universities in Prague that now offer online programs in English to both domestic and international students;

  • Prague University of Economics and Business
  • University of Chemistry and Technology     
  • Masaryk University
  • Anglo-American University
  • Charles University.

Top Universities in Prague 2023.

Here is a list of the best five universities for students in Prague, according to the QS World University Rankings.

  •  University of Life Sciences in Prague
  • The Brno University of Technology.
  •  Charles University
  • Masaryk University
  • Czech Technical University in Prague

List of the Top 15 Universities in Prague in English

  1. Czech Technical University
  2. Academy of Arts, Architecture, and Design in Prague
  3. Czech University of Life Sciences Prague
  4. Charles University
  5. Academy of Performing Arts in Prague
  6. Prague University of Economics and Business
  7. Architectural Institute in Prague
  8. Prague City University
  9. Masaryk University
  10. University of Chemistry and Technology in Prague.
  11. University of New york
  12. CEVRO Institue
  13. Prague College
  14. Prague Language institute
  15. Anglo American University

1. Czech Technical University

Prague’s Czech Technical University is the largest and oldest technical university in Europe. There are now eight faculties and about 17,800 students at the university.

The Czech Technical University in Prague provides 227 recognized study programs, 94 of which are taught in languages other than Czech, including English. The Czech Technical University educates specialists, scientists, and managers with proficiency in foreign languages who are adaptable, versatile, and able to quickly adjust to market demands.

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2. Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague

1885 saw the founding of the Prague Academy of Arts, Architecture, and Design. Throughout its existence, it has ranked among the nation’s leading educational institutions. It has produced a number of graduates who have gone on to become well-respected professionals outside of the Czech Republic.

The school’s disciplines include architecture, design, fine arts, applied arts, graphic design, art theory, and art history.

Based on its area of competence, each department is organized into studios. Each studio is directed by a notable figure from the Czech art scene.

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3. Czech University of Life Sciences Prague

The Czech University of Life Sciences Prague (CZU) is a prestigious European institution of life sciences. CZU is not merely a university for the biological sciences; it is also a hub for cutting-edge scientific research and discoveries. It is among Top 15 Universities in Prague in English for Students

The university is located on a beautifully manicured campus with modern and pleasant dormitories, a cafeteria, various student organizations, a central library, cutting-edge IT technology, and cutting-edge laboratories. Additionally, CZU is a member of the Euroleague for Life Sciences.

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4. Charles University

The range of English-taught study programs at Charles University is extensive. Some classes are also offered in German and Russian.

The school was founded in 1348, making it one of the world’s oldest universities. Nevertheless, it is well-known as a contemporary, vibrant, international, and distinguished higher education institution. This is one of the most prominent and largest universities in the Czech Republic, as well as the university with the highest global ranking.

The top objective of this university is to retain its distinguished reputation as a research center. To attain this objective, the university focuses a heavy emphasis on research.

Several distinguished research teams at Charles University collaborate closely with worldwide research organizations.

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5. Academy of Performing Arts in Prague

At the Prague Academy of Performing Arts, all faculties offer international students the possibility to study in English.

In addition to acting, directing, puppetry, dramaturgy, scenography, theatre-in-education, theatre administration, and theory and criticism, the Theatre Faculty of this prestigious school covers a variety of other fields.

The institution educates future theatre professionals as well as experts in culture, communications, and the media. Final year students play in around ten productions per month at the school theatre DISK, which is a regular repertory theatre.

English-language MA programs in Dramatic Arts are offered. Additionally, overseas students can attend DAMU through European exchange programs or as short-term students.

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6. Prague University of Economics and Business

The Prague University of Economics and Business was founded as a public institution in 1953. It is the best university in the Czech Republic for business and economics.

Approximately 14,000 students are enrolled at VE, and over 600 qualified academics are employed. Graduates work in a variety of sectors, including banking, accounting and auditing, sales, marketing, commerce and trade, public administration, and information technology.

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7. Architectural Institute in Prague

At the Architectural Institute in Prague, you can study architecture in English. Both Bachelor’s and Master’s degree programs are available in English at this institution. ARCHIP’s teaching staff is comprised of internationally and domestically known professionals.

The program of the school is centered on studio instruction that adheres to the principles of the Vertical studio model, which means that students from different years work together in each studio on a single site and program.

Students are exposed to a variety of practice and theoretical approaches, which encourages them to create their individual style. Graphic design, photography, product design, and other craft-based courses are also offered to students to assist them thrive in their future employment.

The Architectural Institute in Prague provides temporary housing for students from over thirty nations. This, together with a stringent restriction of 30 students each class, contributes to the school’s familial feel and team spirit, making it one of the most sought-after universities in Prague.

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8. Prague City University

English as a Foreign Language and Czech as a Foreign Language are both offered as full-time (traditional) and part-time (online) Bachelor degree programs at Prague City University. College graduates can teach English / Czech to adult learners in language schools and corporate settings.

Over the course of three years, they acquire an in-depth understanding of linguistic, pedagogical, and psychological sciences, as well as a variety of methodological approaches to foreign and second language instruction.

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9. Masaryk University

Masaryk University maintains a comfortable environment for studying and working, as well as a personal attitude toward its students, while providing superior facilities and cutting-edge technology.

You can choose from a variety of English-taught programs, such as medicine, social sciences, informatics, economics and administration, arts, education, natural sciences, law, and sports, and utilize the best available resources, such as an Antarctic polar station, an experimental humanities laboratory, or a cybersecurity research polygon, to address contemporary global challenges.

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10. University of Chemistry and Technology

The University of Chemistry and Technology in Prague is a typical public institution that acts as a natural center for high-quality education and research.

According to the QS ranking, a highly regarded international university ranking, UCT Prague is among the world’s top 350 universities, and among the top 50 in terms of individual student support during their studies.

UCT Prague offers courses in technical chemistry, chemical and biochemical technology, pharmaceuticals, materials and chemical engineering, the food industry, and environmental studies.

Employers view University of Chemistry and Technology Prague graduates as a natural first choice due to their proactive engineering thinking and ability to respond swiftly to new problems and difficulties. Frequently, graduates are hired as business technologists, laboratory specialists, managers, scientists, and state administrative body specialists.

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11. University of New york

University of New York in Prague is a private university in the center of Prague with an international atmosphere, English-language programs and optimal conditions for quality education.

12. CEVRO Institute

Cervo University is a private higher education institution founded in 2005. The university offers accredited bachelor and master programs in the field of social and legal sciences. During the training period, students study political science, sociology, law, modern methods of public administration, security, etc.

13. Prague college

Students from more than ninety countries study at Prague College in Master, Bachelor, Professional, and Foundation programs leading to internationally recognized British degrees and qualifications.

14. Prague Language Institute

Prague Language Institute – your best choice to get a university diploma in Europe.
Their mission is to provide quality language instruction through a variety of courses to international students in a professional and supportive atmosphere utilizing their unique language teaching methodology. Their goal is to provide their students with affordable courses that are specially designed to give them the tools necessary to achieve linguistic competence.

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15. Anglo-American University

AAU was founded in 1990, shortly after the collapse of communism, as the Anglo-American College (AAC) by Jansen Raichl and Dr. Vlasta Raichlová. Their vision was to create an educational institution that would combine the best of American and British academic principles with Central European traditions and give students a wide range of opportunities for future careers in the local and international labor market.

As a global and inclusive community, AAU prepares learners for leading a meaningful and prosperous life by cultivating critical thinking, effective communication, and responsible action through personalized and transformative learning.

How many universities are in Prague?

Over time, the Prague higher education system has grown significantly. Since the late 1990s, enrollment in educational institutions has more than doubled.

There are dozens of public and private universities in the Czech Republic, and several of them offer English-taught degree programs. They have a long history and a strong reputation across the globe.

Is Prague suitable for international students to study?

There are numerous higher education institutions, including vocational and technical schools. More than half of the universities are government or public and are thus considered more prestigious.

Prague’s English-language universities offer degree programs in almost every field of knowledge. Students who are fluent in English or who want to learn the Czech language may find it very rewarding to study here. Nonetheless, the number of programs in English and other languages is growing.


Prague, is one of the best destinations to study, having multiple English-speaking universities. Students studying in Prague have the opportunity to work while schooling and earn extra cash even while still in school.

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