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Canadian universities are undeniably among the best in the world and this is not surprising considering the fact that Canada herself is a well respected and well developed country, up to 30 of Canadian universities enter the best institutions in the world according to THE’s World University Rankings for 2023. (THE stands for Times Higher Education). And up to seven of Canada’s universities, make the top 200 in the world. Seven, all from one country! Now, this is no small feat!Universities in Canada

Well, in this article, we will be ranking the top five universities in Canada based on the Times Higher Education’s World University Rankings 2023, see for ranking source’s website. Unlike the United States, Canadian universities are generally cheaper, gives their graduates more opportunities to permanent residency and the application processes to the universities are very simple.

Below, we will look at the top five universities in Canada according to the THE’s World University Rankings of 2020 in ascending order of number 5 to number 1. Shall we begin?

Top Five Universities in Canada

1. University of TorontoUniversity of Toronto

University of Toronto located in the city of Toronto, Ontario, which is the number one in our list of the Top Five Universities in Canada, University of Toronto is a non-profit public higher institution which comes first to now list. And rightfully so! This university was founded in 1827 and has risen to become one of the best universities in the world, not only in Canada. They offer Bachelor’s, Master’s and Doctoral degrees to students and is a world class research institution.

University of Toronto is particularly known in the academic world for the high quality research and academic works they chum out. The institution ranks very highly for its research impact. Also, the university is very cosmopolitan in the sense that there is a high degree of recruitment of foreign students from all over the world.

  • Also, when it comes to student satisfaction, university of Toronto doesn’t lag behind. Because, in a survey carried out by the Canadian Bureau for International Education’s Student Survey, up to 90% of the students of university of Toronto were very satisfied with their studies at the university.

University of Toronto pioneered a lot in Canada including, the first Canadian university to have an endowment of more than $1billion CAD amongst others. The university is also among the best for Medicine.

2. University of British ColumbiaUniversity of British Columbia

University of British Columbia ranks 2nd in the rankings on our list of the Top Five Universities in Canada. University of British Columbia has two main campuses located in Vancouver and Kolowna. This university is the oldest university in its province founded in the year 1908. This university is also a non-profit and public educational higher institution and has a student enrollment of up to 45,000 students. The university is recognized on offering degrees in Prebachelor, Bachelors, Masters and Doctorate degrees.

Tuition fees range differently for the students depending on if they are undergraduate students or postgraduate students. The fee range (only tuition) for local undergraduate students is between 5,000-7,500 US$, for foreign undergraduate students; it is over $20,000US. Foreign students are very welcome to the institution and admission rate is between 40-509.

  • Talking about natural beauty, the main campus in Vancouver has a view over the North shore mountains and is very close to many beaches.
  • Did you know that up to eight Nobel prize winners are alumni of the University of British Columbia? Well, now you know! Also, the current Canada Prime Minister Justin Trudeau had a Bachelor’s degree from this school.

3. McGill University

McGill University

McGill University ranks 3rd in THE’s World University Rankings for 2020. This university is also a non-profit public higher institution situated in the large city of Montreal. The university was founded in the year 1821 and is currently 199 years as of 2020. Foreign students are welcome to the institution and it has a student enrollment of up to 34,999. McGill university is the only Canadian university to participate in the Wind Economic Forum’s university forum for world leaders.

McGill University was the first Canadian university that founded the country’s first Faculty of Medicine. Till now, McGill University still ranks very highly for clinical subjects globally. The university is school to students from over150 countries and it offers up to 300 degree subjects to these students. Popular and world renowned actor William Shatner as well as the singer Leonard Coheh are graduates of McGill University. The colours associated with McGill university are Red and White.

The tuition fee range ranges from 2,500- 5,000US$ for local undergraduate students and between 17,500- 20,000US$ for undergraduate foreign students. These price ranges are only for tuition and does not include any other additional costs. The university has a staff population of over 5,000 academic staff.

4. McMaster University

McMaster UniversityThis university is ranked number four best universities in Canada. The university is named after Canadian Senator and Banker, William McMaster because he donated up to $900,000CAD in the founding of the institution. The university was founded in the year 1887 and is located in Hamilton, Ontario. McMaster University is especially known for its medical school which is a world renowned facility. The university focuses especially on research works in urgent social needs and health sciences particularly.

The university schools students from over 90 countries and is located on a 121 hectares of land size near the Hamilton’s Royal Botanical Gardens. The motto of McMaster University is extracted from the book of Colossians 1:17 which says that, “All things cohere in Christ” although it is written in Greek language. McMaster University is one of the world’s best universities and indeed one of the best in Canada and it makes number 4 on our list.

5. University of Montreal

University of MontrealUp to one-quarter of the student population at University of Montreal is foreign students. This university ranks number five in the THE’s World University Rankings 2020. Up to 37,000 students are enrolled making it the 2nd largest university in Canada in terms of student population. Sports is very popular in this university especially Badminton, Football and Hockey.

The former prime minister of Canada, Pierre Trudeau is an alumni of this prestigious university among others. Many of the graduates of University of Montreal are notable contributors to areas of scientific research like quantum cryptography, nuclear power etc.


In conclusion, these Top Five Universities in Canada enumerated above are ranked the best in Canada as of 2023.

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