Undergraduate and Postgraduate Program at Newcastle University

This guide gives details about the Undergraduate and Postgraduate Program at Newcastle University. But before we go into that, we want to intimate you briefly about what University of Newcastle is all about.

Brief Introduction To Newcastle University.

Located in England and founded in 1834, Newcastle University is a public research university formerly established as a school of Medicine and Surgery. The main campus of the university is located in Newcastle, specifically in Central Newcastle upon Tyne. According to the ARWU (Academic Ranking of World Universities) of 2019, Newcastle University is the “201-300” best university globally. While according to Times/Times Sunday, Newcastle University ranked 21st best university in England.

Undergraduate Programs Available at Newcastle University

Many undergraduate degree programs are available at Newcastle University. But we will only give details about few of them. Newcastle University has only three facilities.
Below are the main schools in Newcastle University and some of their respective undergraduate programs.
1. Schools and Programs under the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences.
The programs and schools available under this faculty, are as follows:

A. School of Architecture, Planning and Landscape: Under this school, the following degrees are available:

– Architecture BA Honours: This course takes a total of 3 years for a full time program to complete. The fee for students from the UK or European Union is 9,250 Pound Sterling while for international students, the fee is 21,000 Pound Sterling. For students that wish to become professional architects, this course and degree is the first official step.
– Architecture and Urban Planning BA Honours
– Urban Planning BA Honors
– Master of Planning MPlan
– Geography and Planning BA Honours

B. School of Arts and Cultures.

This school has three main subdivisions which are Fine Art, Music, and Media, Culture, and Heritage.
– Fine Art BA Hons
– BA Hons in Music
– BA (Hons) in Contemporary and Popular Music
– BA (Hons) in Folk and Traditional Music
– BMus (Hons) with a Year Abroad
– Film and Media BA Honours
– Film Practices BA Honours
– Journalism, Media, and Culture BA Honours
– Media, Communications, and Cultural Studies BA Honours.
Undergraduate Programs at Newcastle University
In no particular order and under no school or faculty in particular, below are some of the available undergraduate degrees you can study for at Newcastle university.
– Ancient History BA Honours
– Archaeology BA Honours
– Biochemistry BSc Honors
– Biology MBiol Honours
– Biomedical Genetics BSc Honours
– Business Management BA Honors
– Chemical Engineering MEng Honours
– Chemistry BSc Honours
– Computer Science BSc Honours
– Dental Surgery BDS
– Digital Electronics BEng Honours
– Earth Science BSc Honors
– Economics BSc Honors
– English Language BA Honours
– Environmental Science, BSc Honours
– Film and Media, BA Honours
– Fine Art, BA Honours
– Food and Human Nutrition, BSc Honours
– Geography, BA Honours
– History, BA Honours
– International Relations, BA Honours
– Journalism, Media, and Culture
– Law LLB Honours
– Marketing, BSc Honours

Postgraduate Programs Available at Newcastle University.

Below, we listed the postgraduate programs offered at Newcastle University in no particular order.
When it comes to Writing related programs, the following postgraduate degrees are available;
– Writing Poetry MA
– Translation Studies MLitt
Translation Studies MA
– Translating MA
– Translating and Interpreting MPhil, PhD
– Translating and Interpreting MA
– Speech and Language Sciences MPhil, PhD
– Spanish MLitt
– Professional Translation for European Languages MA
– Portuguese MLitt
– Phonetics and Phonology Integrated PhD
– Linguistics and English Language Integrated PhD
– Linguistics (with specialist pathways in English Language and Language Acquisition ) MA
– Interpreting MA
– German MLitt
– French MLitt
– English Literature MLitt
– English Literature MA
– English Language and /or Linguistics MLitt
– Classics MLitt
Under the Accounting and Business profession, they have:
– Accounting, Finance, and Strategic Investment MSc
– Banking and Finance MSc
– Banking and Finance MSc
– Business and Humanities Graduate Diploma
– Business and Humanities Graduate Diploma with Pre-Sessional programs in English
– Business and Management MPhil, PhD
– Business and Management PhD
– E-Business (E-Marketing) MSc
– E-Business (Information Systems) MSc
– E-Business MSc
– Finance and Economics (Research) MA
– Finance and Accounting MPhil, PhD
– Finance and Economics PhD (London campus)
– International Business Management MSc
– International Economics and Finance MSc
– International Financial Analysis MSc
– International Marketing MSc
– Management and Business Studies (Research) MA, PGDip
Under the Health and Sciences related profession, the university has programs like have some like;
– Animal Science MPhil, PhD
– Agricultural and Environmental Science MSc
– Biology  MPhil, PhD
– Biomedicine MPhil, PhD, MD
– Biosciences MPhil, PhD, MD
– Biotechnology MPhil, PhD
– Cancer MPhil, PhD, MD
– Cancer MRes
– Cardiovascular Science in Health and Disease MRes
– Clinical Psychology (DClinPsy)
– Forensic Psychology MSc
– Genetics MPhil, PhD
– Immnunobiology MRes
– Marine Sciences
– Microbiology
and many more. Kindly visit www.ncl.ac.uk for more of the available postgraduate degrees.

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