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Canada is highly ranked globally as a top study destination for students. And rightfully so. Up to 10 of Canada’s universities are ranked among the best 250 universities in the world according to the  QS World University Rankings for 2023. Apart from this huge achievement, Canada is also ranked among the safest countries to study in and has a high life satisfaction for its inhabitants. that is why we decided to write an article on the Top 10 Courses To Study in Canada

Top 10 Courses To Study in Canada

All these facts cement the fact further that Canada is top notch enough for foreign students to study in. So, as a foreign student you might wondering  about which courses to add to your short-list of favored courses to study. It’s normal to wonder about this. In this article, we will be giving you a list of top ten courses to study in Canada.


But this list will be based on the likeability of you getting a job with the courses internationally. So, the courses listed below are in high demand in the job market currently. Enjoy the list of the Best Top 10 Courses To Study in Canada

Top 10 Courses To Study in Canada


1. MBA

The MBA program though costly, is one of the most sought after jobs in Canada and indeed all over the world currently, which make it number one on the list of the Top 10 Courses To Study in Canada. MBA has always been highly sought after in the job sphere as well as by students. Many students apply to Canada for their MBA  for the sake of Canadian work experience and in order to get well paying jobs in the Business and Administration sectors. Many students might have to get international jobs with good salaries in order to pay back their student investments. There are a number of scholarship programs for students looking to apply for MBA. Also, there are quality top business schools in Canada in which you can study and enroll for your MBA. Before, it was only post graduate MBA courses that were listed in job shortage lists. But now, Finance, Banking, Management Consulting are all jobs under the MBA that are listed under skills shortage in Canada and globally. Management Consulting in particular is in shortage in Australia. You see the opportunity there? There are other countries in the world that might be in dire need of your MBA degree.


2. Computer Science and IT degrees.

In this 21st century we live in, technology is a way of life. No one can argue that. What this means for students of Computer Science and Software related fields is that there has been a job boom for them. Hence this field ranks second in our list of the Top 10 Courses To Study in Canada. IT project managers, software engineers, computer programmers, system analysts and so on, are all courses under this field that are in high demand in Canada and globally. The IT sector just so you know is one of the fastest booming sectors in Canada. And the likelihood of you landing a job in Canada after your studies is very high.


3. Business and Finance.

Business and Finance are indispensable in the development of any nation’s economy. Degrees under Finance and Business are highly recommended when looking at the ease of landing a job in Canada. As a graduate of these fields, then you likely have a great knowledge of the financial markets both in Canada and globally. Economics is another course under this category that has high prospects. The most common job functions regularly sought out include; Accounting, Insurance, Broking, etc.


4. Engineering and Engineering Management.

This field is an ever growing field all over the world as well as in Canada. Engineering jobs have seen a steady increase in demand for graduates and skilled workers under this field in Canada. Because of the high level of manufacturing activities in Ontario and Canada, there has been a high demand for engineers in these regions. Toronto, Montreal, Edmonton and Calgary have especially high demands for people trained in engineering as well.


5. Agriculture and Forestry.

We cannot deny the fact that due to population explosion all over the world, there have been adverse effects caused on the surroundings like Climate change, food shortage, global warming, rapid depletion of earth resources etc. Agricultural science degrees can play huge roles in solving these problems. This makes degrees under the Agriculture and Forestry field good options for aspiring students. Also, since Canada’s agriculture industry is booming by the day, your prospects for landing a job in Canada with degrees under this field are high. Many countries of the world are rapidly embracing Agricultural solutions.


6. Earth Sciences And Renewable Energy.

Courses that are highly sought out in Canada under this field are Physics and Astronomy, Geology, Geo-Informatics, Renewable Energy, Oil and Petroleum Engineering and so on. Renewable Energy is an especially hot cake right now in Canada and all over the world. The world is rapidly looking away from Petroleum as a source of energy and looking at Climate and Environmentally friendly energy sources like Bio Mass, Solar energy, Medical Physics & Nanotechnology etc. So that makes this field a very good one. this course is placed on the 6 position on this article; Top 10 Courses To Study in Canada.


7. Medicine and Healthcare.

Due to the presence of diseases, living things and microbes in our environment, there will always be a need for experts in the Biosciences, Healthcare and Medicine. This makes this field a very good choice for aspiring students.


8. Media And Journalism Field.

Experts in Digital Marketing, Journalism, Digital design, Visual Effects, Public Relations, Graphic Design etc., are highly needed in Canada today. This demand for graduates from the Journalism and Media field has increased exponentially due to the recent surge for social media marketing. This makes this field a good option for students looking to land a job in Canada after graduation.


9. Human Resources

Employers are usually trying to upgrade their current employees by further training them to be better employees and upgrade their existing skills rather than employing new set of employers as it helps to save cost effectively. This is where Counselling Psychologists, HR Professionals, Industrial Psychologists etc., all come in. Employers and companies hire these people to help in Job Analysis, Employee training, Hiring systems etc. This makes this field a good option for students looking to land a job in Canada after graduation.


10. Hospitality

This field also has high prospects for its graduates because Canada’s tourism sector is forever booming and graduates of Hospitality are therefore highly sought out in the Canadian job market. Jobs for Hospitality graduates include Accommodation Managers, Restaurant Managers etc. So, any course under this field is highly recommended to students.


Hope you enjoyed this article on the Best Top 10 Courses To Study in Canada.

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