Top 10 Australian Universities with Scholarships for International Students 2023 | The Complete Guide

International and local students generally seek out scholarships that will assist them financially when studying in universities so as to make the financial load easier. And so, in this article, we will be looking at a list of Top 10 Australian Universities with Scholarships; that offer amazing scholarship deals to international students.


Top 10 Australian Universities with Scholarships
If you have always wanted to study in a big and top university in Australia, this list of scholarships can help you live that dream. All you have to do is to APPLY. So, let’s see tTop 10 Australian Universities with Scholarships that are university-specific for international students whether undergraduate or postgraduate.


1. Adelaide University Scholarships

Adelaide university is a top university in Australia that was established in 1874  and it is the third oldest university in Australia. Their website is at and you can go there to see more of the programs available for undergraduate and postgraduate students.


The university has five faculties ranging from Faculty of Engineering, Computer & Mathematical Sciences, to Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences, to Faculty of Arts, to Faculty of the Professions and lastly, Faculty of Sciences. Adelaide university has had a up to 130,000 student alumni worldwide. Their available scholarships for students are numerous.


  • Global Citizens Scholarship

This scholarship is awarded to students who have performed very highly academically and successful applicants are awarded after admissions, there is no need for a separate application process. Students that receive the scholarship get up to 15% to 30% deduction from their tuition fees.


  • Global Academic Excellence Scholarship

This scholarship is also available for University of Adelaide’s applicants regardless of their level of study. And the scholarship gives up to 50% discount for the tuition fees of students awarded.


There are other scholarship programs available for you when you apply as a foreign student to Adelaide University. Kindly visit their scholarships page on their website at for more information.


2. University of Melbourne Research ScholarshipsTop 10 Australian Universities with Scholarships

University of Melbourne commonly referred to as UNIMELB for short, is another top university in Australia that offers scholarships for  students that apply to study and who meet the requirements. University of Melbourne is a public university based mainly in research and the school was established in 1853 and is the oldest university in Victoria, Australia while also being the 2nd oldest university in the whole of Australia.


The university has up to 10 faculties including the Faculty of Architecture, Faculty of Arts, Fcaulty of Business and Economics, Melbourne Graduate School of Education, Melbourne School of Engineering, Faculty of Fine Arts and Music, Melbourne Law School, Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry and Health Sciences, Faculty of Science and lastly, the Faculty of Veterinary and Agricultural Sciences. There are many scholarships that UNIMELB offers but one unique one of them is the;


  • Graduate Research Scholarships at UNIMELB

This scholarship gives benefits like 100% fee remission for suucessful applicants as well as up to $110,000 to scholars. All students from all study areas can apply and up to 600 of this award is given out to students. Both local Australian students and international students can apply. Also, no application is required as all candidates for Graduate Research will be considered automatically.
Kindly visit their scholarship page on their website at


3. Curtin University Scholarships

Curtin University also offers a number of scholarships both to local students and foreign students. Curtin University is a top Australian university that has campuses in Australia as well as Dubai, Malaysia, Singapore etc. The university had a total of 56,662 students in 2017 alone. You can visit the college’s website at hhtps://


  • Year 12 Scholarship

This scholarship aims at assisting foreign students from all over the world who want to earn an Australian high school certificate Once these students are able to complete their high school education in Australia and they apply for this Year 12 scholarship, they might be awarded. The scholarship gives the scholar up to 25% off their tuition fee for the first year and up to AUD$10,000 to study.


  • CRL Merit Scholarship

This is another scholarship for students that is totally merit based at Curtin University. This scholarship is for highly achieving academic students.


  •  Business and Law Top Excellence Scholarship

This scholarship application closes by 18th of December, 2020 and is totally merit-based. It is for students who are able to get top ATAR scores and who study within the Business and Law faculty at Curtin University. Kindly visit for their scholarship page.


4. University of Sydney Scholarships

University of Sydney also has some nice scholarship programs for students both future and current. University of Sydney is a public research university that was founded in 1850 and is a sandstone university in Australia and guess what? It is Australia’s first ever university. The university had a total number of enrolment for students at 61,309 in the year 2018.


You can visit their website at or visit their scholarship page at to see their full scholarship programs. They have scholarships for domestic or local students and also for international students.


5. Monash University

This is another top Australian university that offers unique scholarship opportunities to their current and prospective students, listed on the fifth spot on the Top 10 Australian Universities with Scholarships. The university ranks among the world’s top 100 universities. It is located in Melbourne and has campuses in Victoria in Australia and Malaysia. You can visit their scholarship webpage at


6. UNSW- University of New South Wales

This university is highly rated among Australia’s top universities., that is why its listed on the Top 10 Australian Universities with Scholarships. They also offer their students mouth watering scholarship deals that you can check out on They have scholarships for indigenous students, postgraduates, international students and more.

7. University of Western Australia

This university was founded in 1911 and has its main campus located in Perth, Western Australia. The university was ranked by the QS World in 2019 as the 86th best university in the world. You can visit for more details on their scholarship programs, positioned on this article on the seventh place on the Top 10 Australian Universities with Scholarships.


8. Australian National University

This is another top university where you can study on scholarship in Australia, Placed on the eight position on this article of the Top 10 Australian Universities with Scholarships. The institution is a national research university located in Canberra. The university was founded in 1946 and it is ranked the 24th best university in the world by the QS World University Rankings of 2019. You can visit their scholarship page on


9. University of Queensland

This is another public research university in Brisbane, Australia and it is part of the six sandstone universities that Australia has. The university was founded in 1909 about 111 years ago and you can visit their official website at This university also, is part of the top universities in Australia that offer scholarship programs to their students. Enjoy the cruise spotted on the ninth place on this article titled; Top 10 Australian Universities with Scholarships.


To know more about the scholarship programs, kindly visit for full information. Some of their scholarships include Rhodes Scholars, UQ Ramsay Undergraduate Scholarship- Western Civilisation, Faculty of Medicine Medical Endowment Scholarship and more.


10. Melbourne Business School

This educational institution is specially for students who wish to become business leaders in the world. You can visit their scholarships page on



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