The 8 Best Pre-Med Schools in Colorado (2023)

Best Pre Med Schools in Colorado:

Colorado is noted as one of the desired destinations for college students.

The Rocky Mountains, Mesa Verde, and Great Sand Dunes National Parks are some of  Colorado’s most stunning and dramatic environments.


A lot of pre-medical colleges are in Colorado.

On this list of the top pre-med schools in Colorado, you will find concentrations in Vet- medicine, dentistry, and traditional fields like physical therapy. You’ll also find less conventional specialties like naturopathic medicine and osteopathy, which may find a more favorable audience in the west of the country.

Students cannot major in pre-medical studies at any of the Colorado pre-med colleges on this list.

They can actually major in almost any field they want, though many choose to concentrate on the sciences.

The following are the best pre-med schools in Colorado. The criteria used for this compilation are based on the proportion of graduating students who enrolled in American medical schools.

Best Pre-Med Schools in Colorado

1. Best Pre-Med Schools in ColoradoUniversity of Colorado, Boulder (Boulder, CO) – 

Starting off on the list of the best pre-med schools in Colorado is The University of Colorado, Boulder (Boulder, CO).

Pre-med students at UC Boulder can choose to major in both sciences and non-science fields. To help students acquire the soft skills necessary for a career in healthcare, the school places a strong emphasis on immersing students in patient-facing environments.

The Office of Pre-Health Advising, which connects pre-med students with community partners and volunteer opportunities, as well as workshops and activities centered around healthcare, is available to pre-health students.

Pre-med students who wish to enroll in a program at Colorado State University’s Anschutz Medical Campus for medicine, dentistry, or pharmacy are permitted to finish any undergraduate major at UC Boulder prior to enrollment. The importance of interviews in determining acceptance to this program cannot be overstated.


2. Colorado College (Colorado Springs, CO)

Colorado College’s pre-health manager or student success specialists are available to guide prospective pre-med students in their career exploration when they schedule a meeting with The Hub.

For pre-med students, Colorado College suggests taking particular courses that comply with the standards for admission to traditional medical schools and include a writing-intensive course.

The ten-day Dynamic Half Block offered by Colorado College allows students to fully immerse themselves in an interdisciplinary subject or research.

Students who are interested in a career in healthcare should take advantage of this session to “test out” coursework in that field.


3. Denver University (Denver, CO) -Best Pre-Med Schools in Colorado

At UC Denver, pre-med students can specialize in one of 12 areas of healthcare, including naturopathic medicine. This area of medicine utilizes natural remedies like herbs, massage, and acupuncture to enable the body to heal independently.

Several programs at UC Denver distinguish it from other pre-med schools in Colorado. For one, the school operates an eight-year BA/BS-to-MD program, limited to up to ten exceptional pre-med undergraduates who seek to establish careers as primary care physicians.

Their acceptance to this program and continued success through the first few years will earn them placement at one of the best-ranked medical schools in the country, the University of Colorado School of Medicine.

The University of Colorado at Denver also strives to recruit international talent to its campus. UC Denver organizes the Kuwait BS/DDS program for pre-med students hoping to specialize in dental medicine.

Through this program, Kuwaiti students can complete their studies at the University of Colorado at Denver and acquire English proficiency via participation in the ESL Academy.

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4. The University of Colorado at Denver, (Denver, CO) – Best Pre-Med Schools in Colorado

Pre-med students at UC Denver have a choice of 12 different healthcare specializations, including naturopathic medicine. To help the body heal independently, this branch of medicine employs natural treatments like herbs, massage, and acupuncture.

Several initiatives at UC Denver set it apart from other pre-med institutions in Colorado. For starters, the institution runs an eight-year BA/BS to MD program that accepts only the top ten pre-med undergraduate students who want to become primary care physicians.

If they are accepted into this program and succeed in the initial years, they will be placed at the University of Colorado School of Medicine, one of the top medical schools in the nation.

International talent recruitment is a goal of the University of Colorado at Denver. The Kuwait BS/DDS program is run by UC Denver for pre-med students who want to specialize in dental medicine.

Kuwaiti students can participate in this program to finish their education at the University of Colorado at Denver while also learning English through the ESL Academy.


5. Colorado State University (Fort Collins, CO) – Best Pre-Med Schools in Colorado

Any undergraduate interested in healthcare is welcome to get pre-health advising at Colorado State.

Depending on their area of interest in the medical industry, advisers for the health professions can assist prospective pre-med students in selecting the right required classes.

Although the majority of pre-med students transfer to other medical schools in Colorado and the United States, CSU offers two doctoral degrees in occupational therapy and veterinary medicine.

Premedical Club at CSU often offers guest speakers with expertise in medicine and is a valuable resource for freshmen pre-med students.

Joining the club is a terrific way to get involved in volunteer work and job shadowing, which are both highly regarded by admissions committees for medical schools.

Premed students have a great deal of freedom when choosing their majors. Pre-med students must take certain required scientific classes, of course, but the remainder of their academic paths will vary depending on the vocation they choose to pursue.

Athletic trainers, perfusionists, and anesthesiology assistants are just a few of the occupations that CSU can prepare students for! and is one of the best pre-med schools in Colorado

6. University of Northern Colorado (Greeley, CO) – Best Pre-Med Schools in Colorado

The University of Northern Colorado may be the most excellent option for those students who feel empowered by having a clear, long-term strategy for their studies.

The University of North Carolina’s Pre-Health Professions Advising offers a detailed timeline for when to complete each requirement for medical school and is one of the best pre-med schools in Colorado

Although other majors are common, the majority of Northern Colorado pre-med students specialize in biology or chemistry. It is advised that first-year pre-med students start working on prerequisites like biology and chemistry classes. UNC students have the opportunity to observe doctors or earn credentials like a CNA or EMT over the summer.

Pre-med students at the University of Northern Colorado should have letters of recommendation, be engaged in major-related research, and have achieved good MCAT scores by the time they are in their junior year.

Pre-med students and advisors work together to get ready for and arrange national competitive interview processes.

7. Western Colorado University (Gunnison, CO) – Best Pre-Med Schools in Colorado

An impressive statistic is that within the last ten years, 89% of Western Colorado’s healthcare-related majors have been accepted to medical schools.

Pre-medical students at western Colorado University (Gunnison, CO) have the option to focus on specialized fields like molecular biology.

Students interested in careers in medicine, nursing, pharmacy, physical therapy, or nutrition can apply for a pre-health scholarship worth $2,500 annually.

Female applicants from underrepresented groups who are first-generation college students with GPAs of 3.0 or higher are given preference.

Pre-health resources like the Pre-Health Club and the Pre-Health Mentorship Program are utilized by Western Colorado University’s pre-med students as well.

Through the Thornton Biology Research Program, some people participate in research apprenticeships. Pre-med students have the opportunity to work with a knowledgeable professor on projects related to biology and can request up to $3,000 in funding.

With the help of WCU, the Rocky Vista University Early Admission Program offers provisional entry to RVU without the need for an MCAT score.

Each, up to five Western Colorado University outstanding students are chosen for this EAP, and those admitted are required to keep a scientific GPA of 3.4 or better at all times.

8. Regis University (Denver, CO) –

Another school advertising a dual-enrollment agreement, Regis partners with St. George’s University in Grenada to transition pre-med students from their undergraduate careers in Colorado to medical or veterinary school pursuits in Grenada.

Due to the program’s competitive nature, students must maintain a GPA of 3.4 or higher and earn exceptional scores on the MCAT to remain enrolled.

One of the program’s many benefits is that students save tuition money by completing the requirements in seven versus eight years.

On campus, pre-med students benefit from small classes. They get to know their professors and often participate in collegiate research with their favorite teachers.

Most pre-med students choose to major in biology, chemistry, biochemistry, neuroscience, or health and exercise science, though the liberal arts are hardly off limits.

Pre-med students at Regis also have access to workshops organized by the school, test preparation for the MCAT, peer mentorships, tours of professional schools, and simulation laboratory exercises.

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