Suffolk University Acceptance Rate in 2023

Suffolk University Acceptance Rate

Suffolk university is located in Boston, Massachusetts, and is a nonprofit private college that focuses on a small number of its available discipline. Suffolk admits about 7,900 universities every year.

Students may submit their ACT or SAT scores to this institution. A score in the 25th to 75th percentile for admitted students on the SAT or ACT is between 1020 and 1210 or 21 and 26 respectively.

The average GPAs at Suffolk university are within the range of 3.13 to 3.38( based on utilizing sampling GPA data from more than 150 institutions).

However, 25% of accepted applicants received scores that were above these limits, while 25% received scores that were below these levels. The application price for Suffolk University is $50, and the deadline for applications is rolling.

The admission committee at Suffolk University pays huge attention to a student’s GPA. When applicable, a candidate’s high school class rank is taken into account by Suffolk University admissions officials, who also value letters of recommendation.

An Overview of Suffolk University

Suffolk university awards undergraduate and graduate degrees In more than 100 different subject areas.

Suffolk University provides study abroad programs at its campus in Madrid as well as in 25 other nations for students interested in learning about a new culture.

In addition to excellent academic opportunities, Suffolk University’s prime location in the heart of Boston puts students close to ten museums, 57 historical sites, 2,300 acres of parks, the city’s renowned sports venues, top-notch dining establishments, theaters, and a myriad of companies where they can gain practical work experience. Through internships and in-class collaborations with executives from the city’s government, banking, medical, arts, and tech sectors, Suffolk students gain practical experience.

Figures and Data

Established in 2007 as the University Campus Suffolk(UCS), despite not having the legal right to do so. In 2016, the Privy Council authorized the school to provide degrees, converting it into a university.

Lowestoft, Bury St. Edmunds, and Great Yarmouth are the locations of the three Suffolk and English campuses of the University of Suffolk. Its main campus is located in Ipswich, a historic city. Additionally, it has a property in Ipswich that acts as an addition.

Students can purchase instructional materials through the institution’s online store using a credit or debit card.
80,000 graduates from the University of Suffolk comprise a global alumni network that is dispersed over 137 nations.

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Financial Assistance and Tuition at Suffolk University

The aim of Suffolk University is to keep tuition fees as low as possible. With students and their families, the Office of Student Financial Services provides knowledgeable advice and a variety of financial aid.

The cost of tuition for the 2021-2022 school year was pegged at $41,242. For resident students residing in university-sponsored accommodation, room & board costs $17,766.

Financial aid of about $129 million has been earmarked for Undergraduate students at Suffolk university. Ninety-four percent of freshmen undergraduates receive financial aid of some kind.

At the time of acceptance, merit-based aid is automatically taken into consideration for all applicants, including those who are international students. These merit-based awards have amounts between $5,000 and $22,000.

Applicants must submit the Free Application for Federal Student Aid in order to be considered for financial aid (FAFSA). The deadline for priority fall financial help is March 1.

Admissions Distribution

  • Acceptance Rate Insight: The acceptance rate for the 2020–2021 academic year was 86%. Schools with average acceptance rates occasionally have greater entry requirements, but they are nevertheless open to a large number of applicants.
  • Retention Rate Insight: The following academic year, 73% of full-time students continued their studies. These students began in the fall of 2019 and finished in the fall of 2020.
  • Graduation Rate Insight: Out of all full-time, first-time students who started their studies in the Fall of 2014, 60% graduated. Remember that the majority of enrollees are adult learners rather than conventional first-time pupils. As a result, there are often few first-time students.

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  • White: 54%
  • Non-U.S. Citizen: 15%
  • Hispanic: 12%
  • Asian: 7%
  • Black: 6%
  • Unknown: 3%
  • Two or more races: 2%
  • American Indian/Alaska Native: 0%
  • Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander: 0%
  • Female student population: 59%
  • Socio-economic diversity: 28% of students received an income-based Federal Pell Grant intended for low-income students.

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General Admission Recommendations & Conditions

  • High School GPA Scores are Recommended
  • High School Class Rankings are Recommended
  • School Records are Required
  • College Prep Classes are Required
  • Submit Recommendation Letters are Required
  • Standardized Test Scores (SAT, ACT,…) are Required
  • TOEFL Exam (Foreign Language Students) is Required.

Visit the Suffolk University Admissions page for more information.

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Suffolk University Acceptance Rate

The Suffolk University acceptance rate should be one of the first things you consider if you want to be admitted. The acceptance rate gives a clearer view of how competitive a school is.

Suffolk University has an acceptance rate of 83.4%. 83 out of every 100 applications are accepted. Hence, the school can be adjudged as minimally selective. You have a high chance of being considered for admission if you satisfy their expected GPA and SAT/ACT score criteria.

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Suffolk Unversity Acceptance Rate by Year

2016-2017: 84.4%
2017-2018: 83.5%
2018-2019: 85.3%
2019-2020: 83.6%
2023–2024 Projected Acceptance Rate: 78.3%

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Frequently Asked Questions


Is the University of Suffolk UK accredited?

The University’s College of Arts and Sciences, Sawyer Business School, and Law School provide undergraduate and graduate degrees in more than 100 fields of study. The following accrediting commission has granted accreditation to the University and its entities: The New England Commission on Higher Education is a non-profit organization that promotes higher education in New (NECHE).

Is Suffolk University a Private or Public School?

Boston is home to Suffolk University, a private, coeducational, and nonsectarian institution of higher learning.

Is Suffolk University a good choice for students from abroad?

You can get a taste of American education at Suffolk, which U.S. News & World Report ranks as having the fifth-highest percentage of international students among American universities.


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