Study In Australia? A Comprehensive Guide For All International Students

Are you a foreign student? And you wish to study in Australia? You are at the right place. This article piece was created for all international students who want to study abroad in the country and continent of Australia. In this article, you will find useful information on basic information that will guide in your path to study in Australia.Study In Australia A Comprehensive Guide For All International Students
We will take each important point one-by-one to focus on. This very precise but informative guide, will deliver basic guiding instructions for you to follow to study in Australia as a foreign student smoothly, without any problems. Without much ado, let’s take you right into it!


Why is Australia a good choice?

First, let us look at why Australia is a good country for you to study in. Australia is a country that has a good standard of living for its occupants. Australian educational system promotes creativity, innovation, independent thinking, and educational excellence. The people of Australia are also very friendly and accommodating.


Among foreign students globally, Australia is a very popular choice for students. The quality of education is also very high. Australia’s top universities like University of Sydney, University of Melbourne etc.,  are some of the best universities in the world. Up to 8 of Australia’s universities rank among the best 100 universities in the world according to the QS World University Rankings.


How to choose the right program to study in Australia

There are a number of study options for you as a foreign student in Australia. The ESL programs are there as well as the graduate degree programs. There are also vocational and technical programs you can enroll in and study for.



ESL is acronym for English as a Second Language. The intensive ESL program is open to all international students who wish to brush up on their English language skills. Up to 20% of foreign students in Australia enroll for the program in a bid to better their English skills. There are no admission requirements to enroll for this program. And levels for the program range from Beginner to Intermediate to Advanced.


The ESL program is usually more of a foundation program for students before they begin their undergraduate degree. Also, to show that a foreign student is proficient in English language, Australian educational institutions usually request for the IELTS results as proof rather than TOEFL. You can visit which is a database website, to access a list of ESL schools in Australia that you can enroll to.


Undergraduate and Graduate degrees

Australia has up to 39 registered and recognised universities where you can enroll at to study for your undergraduate or graduate degree programs. You can visit the official Australian government’s student website at for more information on their universities, higher education, postgraduate degrees, and more.


VET – Vocational Education and Training

The VET system of Australia is a network of educational institutions that offer practical and vocational programs to students. This study program allows you to study and work in your field at the same time. The VET programs are usually a collaboartion between the government and the vocational industry.


Visit for more information on the options for you as a foreign aspiring student.


Living in Australia while Studying

In order to live in Australia comfortably as a student, you will need to get accommodation, tuition fee for your study, health insurance, plan your arrival well, and probably work while studying. It is preferable to live close or nearby where you will study.


You should also be aware of the average cost of living in Australia. Although Australia is a very safe country, you should still be aware of the possible safety risks while living there. You can know all these and more on the official Australian student’s website at, then go to the menu and click on “Living in Australia”.


How To Apply To Study In Australia

In order to study in Australia, you need to apply to a particular educational institution. And you will also need to apply for a student visa from the Australian government. Whichever institution you apply to for study as an international student, has to admit you. Your Offer Letter for admission will be proof that you have been admitted.


So, go the institution’s website and download their application form to apply. Also, visit, for more information on how to apply for visa, admission and entry requirements to Australia. The process to apply for admission into any Australian university is not very complex. But there are requirements you need to meet and fees that you will pay. Visit the link referenced above for full information on all you need to know.


So, though this guide is a very brief one, it covers all the essential points you should take note of as a foreign student that wants to study in Australia. We also added links to the official Australian Government Student website and the appropriate pages for reference and further reading. Good luck.

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