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In this article, our main focus will be discussing the Science International Scholarships that is sponsored by the University of Queensland, Australia. But before we dive in, let’s look at the institution itself, University of Queensland very briefly. Science International Scholarships at University of Queensland in Australia

A brief introduction to University of Queensland, Australia

University of Queensland is public university that is well recognised in Australia and all over the world. The university was founded in the year 1909 about 111 years ago. The university is located in Brisbane, Queensland and is indeed a world leading university. Did you know that University of Queensland played a part in the founding of edX? Well, they did. The university offers programs in Associate degrees, Bachelors degrees, Master’s degrees, doctoral degree and higher doctorate degrees.


This university has been a part of pioneering many great achievements in the world like the invention of the HPV vaccine to help prevent cervical cancer in women, development of a COVID-19 vaccine to help combat the spread of Corona virus (the vaccine is currently in human trials), and a huge contribution to MRI scanning. The university has also had a number of Alumni who have contributed hugely to the world or have achieved huge feats. For example, two alumni from the university are Noble Laureates, also several have gone on to be Olympians and Rhodes scholars.


The university has six faculties in total. They are;

  • The faculty of Business, Economics and Law,
  • The Faculty of Engineering, Architecture and Information Technology
  • The faculty of Health and Behavioural Sciences
  • The faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences
  • The faculty of Medicine and,
  • The faculty of Science.
In the world, The University of Queensland ranked 46th in the world for best universities as of 2019. As for within Australia, the university is usually ranked among top five best universities in Australia.
Now, to the main point of this article, let’s look at the Science International Scholarship which you can get at University of Queensland.


An overview of the scholarship

The Science International Scholarships is one of the scholarships available at University of ueensland for foreign students only that wish to do their undergraduate or postgraduate programs at the University of Queensland. New students applying into University of Queensland can apply for this scholarship. The scholarship values at around $3,000. And students that apply have to be in the following study areas;
  • Agriculture and Environment,
  • Architecture and planning,
  • Science and Mathematics.


How long does the scholarship last and how many students are awarded?

It lasts for a duration of 1 year. After which, the students will continue to sponsor themselves. The number of students awarded this scholarship is 3. This means that 3 applicants are picked out of the number of applicants for the scholarship.


Around what period does the scholarship open or close?

For the 2020/2021 academic session, applications have already closed. It was formerly open between the 16th of January, 2020 and 30th of June, 2020. So, if we are going to make a guess, it should be around the same time next year/session.


How can an applicant be eligible?

In order to be eligible for the Science International Scholarships, the applicants must meet the following criteria;
  • They must be classified as a foreign or international citizen and student in Australia,
  • They must have submitted all documentations requested before the closing date of the scholarship and they must have also been given a program offer for admission at the University of Queensland.
  • The applicant must also demonstrate that they are strong academically from the academic results that are submitted.
  • The program the student is enrolling for must be full time, and administered by the Faculty of Science at University of Queensland. The program must also last for a period of more than one year.
  • The applicant must be enrolling at University of Queensland for the first time, that is, that semester should be their first.

How can one apply for Science International Scholarship?

Before you learn how you can apply, you should know that UQ takes their deadlines very seriously. So, all applicants are expected to have submitted their program and scholarship applications by or before 5pm (Australian Eastern Standard Time – AEST) on the date the scholarship is meant to close for the semester.University of Queensland in Australia
For example, for the first semester, submission should be made by 15th of January since the 1st semester would commence by February. And then, submission for 2nd semester should be done by 30th of June before the 2nd semester begins by July. Also, you should make sure that your application is accurate, true and complete. UQ has absolutely no tolerance for anything contrary.


Successful Applicants will be selected on the following basis after they have submitted their application;


  • Academic factor is a huge basis for selection. Based on the academic credentials that the applicant submitted forUniversity of Queensland’s  program application, the academic performance of the student will be judged.
  • From the Personal Statement that the applicant submitted which is part of the needed credentials for scholarship application, the capacity of the applicant to create change and make valuable contribution to science and society will be measured and judged.
  • Also, the University of Queensland places great value on diversity and inclusion Also, gender balance is another factor considered in the process.


The following process is usually followed during the selection criteria;


  • It is the Dean of the Faculty of Science Associate that will select recipients of the scholarship.
  • All selections will be made based on the criteria given above.
  • Most times, all applicants of the scholarship program will be notified of the result or outcome of the application within a period of four weeks after the closing date of the scholarship applicatiion.
  • Scholarships that have been awarded can not be deferred.
  • Whatever the Associate Dean says or decides upon is final and will not be negotiated.

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