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An Introduction To The University of MelbourneScholarships at University of Melbourne

University of Melbourne is an educational institution located in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia and was founded 167 years ago in the year, 1853. This public university is one of the most highly ranked universities in the world. According to the QS World University Rankings for 2019, University of Melbourne ranked 39th in the world amongst all universities globally.


It is a huge feat to be ranked among the top 100 universities in the world as there are thousands and thousands of educational institutions that are being competed with. The university also has a number of campuses in Australia located in places like Werribee, Shepparton, Dookie, Creswick and Burnley. When it comes to this university’s ranking within Australia, University of Melbourne oscillates between being the number one best or number two best university in the country.


University of Melbourne offers programs for students applying for their Bachelors degrees, Master’s degrees and Doctorate degrees in many areas of study. University of Melbourne is usually referred to in acronyms as UNIMELB. Did you know that up to nine alumni of this university have gone on to be Nobel Laureates? This means that the university is not only great when it comes to international higher institution rankings but also in the degree of success of its alumni. As at the year 2016, University of Melbourne had a total number of student enrollment of 48,000 students. Also, the university is Australia’s second oldest university behind the University of Sydney which was founded in 1850.


Knowing a bit about the excellent reputation of the University of Melbourne is important in order for you to appreciate your scholarship program if you are awarded. All these introduction given makes University of Melbourne a good place to win a scholarship award to study at. In this article, we will be looking at the International Undergraduate Scholarships in detail, which is available for grabs at University of Melbourne by foreign students.


What is the International Undergraduate Scholarships about?

This scholarship initiative is courtesy of the University of Melbourne and it is aimed at international and foreign students who are applying for undergraduate degree scholarships to study at the university. This scholarship was set up as an appreciation to foreign students who have studied at the University for their significant contribution to the growth of the university both in student population and student educational contributions.


Who can apply for the International Undergraduate Scholarships?

Only undergraduate future students can apply for this scholarship program. Also, eligibility is based on if you have been offered unconditional admission at the university. All foreign students that have been offered admission to this great college are automatically considered for this scholarship program so, you need not to apply. No application procedures are required. And it is only open to students students that are applying for any undergraduate course programs at the university. Also, all applicants have to be of foreign nationalities. International Undergraduate Scholarships at University of Melbourne

What benefits do the scholars get when they are awarded this scholarship?

The International Undergraduate Scholarships at the University of Melbourne covers Fee remission benefits for the scholars. There are three benefits available to scholars of this program. They include;
  • The scholar could be given a $10,000 tuition fee remission for their first undergraduate year OR,
  • The scholars could be awarded with a 50% tuition fee remission for a three year period of their undergraduate degree OR,
  • The scholar could be rewarded with a 100% tuition fee remission for 3 years of their undergraduate degree.
Usually, successful scholars of this scholarship program will win either one of the three benefits stated above.


What study areas are applicable to this scholarship?

All study areas are equally considered for this scholarship. And selected students have to pass the “high achieving” criteria and “foreign” criteria as well.


What are the eligiblity conditions for this scholarship?

In order to be qualified to be awarded this scholarship, applicants must meet the following eligibility conditions;


1. The applicant must be a citizen of a foreign country asides from Australia and New Zealand. Also, the applicant should not be a permanent resident of Australia.
2. The applicant for the scholarship must have been offered admission for a course program at the University of Melbourne.
3. The applicant must have had a number of brilliant final year results for example, the applicant must have had at least four A* grades for their GCE levels, the applicant must have at least 97% in a foundation program that is approved, etc.
4. The candidate must have not partaken in any tertiary education program prior to this University of Melbourne program, except for the Extension program which is a part of the Year 12 program scheme.


On what basis are candidates selected for this scholarship?

Much of the selection and rankings will be based on the student’s performance in the results of high school final year. Also, most selected candidates are chosen based on academic merit.International Undergraduate Scholarships at University of Melbourne

When will the applicants be aware of the outcome of their application?

Usually, after the qualified students have been offered admission, they will be notified after a period of 4 to 5 weeks of their acceptance into the International Undergraduate Scholarships. Only successful candidates that have been chosen will be notified.


What is the total value of this scholarship for a scholar?

The scholarship’s total value for an accepted student or scholar is up to $56,000.


How many scholarship awards are given?

How many students are awarded this scholarship?

Up to 50 students are awarded this scholarship out of the population of foreign students admitted for a study program at the University of Melbourne.


What is the scholarship webpage for more information?

If the information provided here is not detailed enough, you can surely visit their official scholarship web page on the University of Melbourne website at this address,



So, in conclusion, if you have interest in this scholarship, by all means give it your best. All you need to do is be a foreign student, have great grades, and do all you can to be offered admission at the University of Melbourne, then you will be one step closer to winning this scholarship. Remember, there is no application process for the scholarship. All foreign admitted students to the university will automatically be considered.

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