How to get a Scholarships To Study in Australia | The Best Comprehensive 2022 Scholarships in for Australia

Scholarships are financial reliefs assigned to assist students in paying their tution fees while pursuing a degree. Sometimes, you could get this aid as a one-time payment and it might be renewable. Scholarships are totally different from student loans in that, they need not be repayed. Scholarship criteria may differ, in this article we will be discussing about the various Scholarships To Study in Australia.
Scholarships To Study in Australia

Criteria for applying for scholarship in Australia; Scholarships To Study in Australia

Australian universities provide extensive range of scholarships to international students to assist them in funding their studies. Asides this, a lot of grants, bursaries are also awarded by the Australian government; Scholarships To Study in Australia.


  • The basic standard for most scholarships is a good academic result.
However, factors such as your courses, locations, are also taken into consideration when awarding scholarships.


  • In awarding some scholarships, factors such as extracurricular activities and volunteering can also be wielded to one’s advantage.
  • You may also need to present standardized test results of your proficiency in English Language such as TOEFL, IELTS which are both accepted in Australia.
Australia provides exceptional opportunities for International Students. As the Australian Universities continue to grow in the world university ratings, the superb standard of living and a great value of international students annex to the many worth of Australia as a preferred destination.


Always searching for the worth of money choices, another thing that adds credit to the Australian Higher Education as well as the extensive number of scholarships that are made available to international students, at the undergraduate level, as well as post graduate and doctoral levels.


These scholarships are basically grouped under two wide categories. The first is provided by the Australian Government; Scholarships To Study in Australia and the other is offered by the educational institution itself.


The Australian Government, in its approach to encourage progressive education, offers distinct scholarships to international students. The goal is to provide fair opportunity to excellent students who may not have the required resources. Here is a compilation of a few scholarships for students who are drawing up plans to take up studies in Australia.


A. Scholarships made available by the Australian Government.


1. Australian Award scholarship.


 It is aimed at helping young people with rare talent.


To be Eligible:
  • You must have attained 18 years of age and have the plans to add values for development of your native country.
  • People with special needs are also being considered.
Courses Available:


Undergraduate, Postgraduate, PhD as well as Vocational & Training skills are offered by universities that are involved.


Cost Covered:


Maximum tuition fees, travelling fee, establishment grants, living expenses financial help, Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC), and the likes of it.


2. Endeavour Postgraduate Scholarship Award.


To be Eligible:
  • You must have attained 18 years of age at the time the program would begin.
  • You should not have received any Australian Government grant in years.
Courses Available: 
Postgraduate courses, undergraduate courses and PhD programmes.
Cost Covered:


Maximum payment of tuition fee, establishment allowance, monthly stipends for over 2 years for Post graduate degrees and up to 4 years for doctorate courses on alongside  health and travel insurances.


B. Funds available through scholarships in Australia.


The list below covers government-funded, externally funded and university-funded Australian scholarships for international students at undergraduate, postgraduate and PhD level.
  • Scholarships funded by Australian government.
1. Destination Australia Awards.


Over 1,000 scholarships of up to AU$15,000 for each student per year are available to both indigenes and international students to study at all  levels in universities in regional Australia. It may differ with other scholarship programs depending on the sponsors.
  • Popular Scholarship Programs you can apply for to study in Australia.
1. Research Training Program (RTP)


This is a postgraduate-level Australian scholarships for indigenous and foreign students to study a research degree at an Australian university involved in the Scholarship program.


2. Australian Catholic University


Foreign Student Scholarships.
Scholarships for beginners that are foreigners at the undergraduate level and postgraduate students, awarded based on academic worth.


3. Australian National University


This is another one of the numerous scholarships available for foreign students across all study levels.


4. Adelaide Scholarships International (ASI)


It covers tuition fee scholarships provided for Master’s students or PhD students enlisted at the University of Adelaide.


5. Curtin University International Research Scholarships


This is a foreign scholarship for students pursuing Master’s or PhD degrees at Curtin University in Perth.


6. Flinders International Postgraduate Research Scholarships (FIPRS)


This is another one of the Australian scholarships to apply for in order to learn at Flinders University in Adelaide given to Master’s and PhD research students that merits them.


7. La Trobe Academic Excellence Scholarships (AES)


Scholarships awarded to foreign students to study at La Trobe University in Melbourne. Open to exceptional and goal oriented students from outside Australia in which they will be enrolled on any taught undergraduate or postgraduate programs. Scholarship lasts for two semesters.


There are host of other scholarship programs provided by the Australian government that you can check out for; Scholarships To Study in Australia. Australia is not only promising you qualitative education, they’re ready to assist you in getting a degree with ease by giving financial aid. Why are you still waiting?


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