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There are a number of scholarships that the Canadian government offers to students and graduates. In this article, we will list a number of those scholarships for Colleges in Canada and how you can apply for each one of them. We will also tell you the ways in which you can submit the application successfully and expect high probability of approval or acceptance.


Scholarships for Colleges in Canada

Let’s look at a list of Scholarships for Colleges in Canada below;

1. University of Waterloo International Master’s and Doctoral Awards
There are various eligibility requirements for students who are seeking for Scholarships for Colleges in Canada and they include;
  • Eligible students must be studying research oriented courses at the University of Waterloo (graduate programs)
  • Applying students must have a study permit that is valid for Canada.
  • Fees for a term for Master’s degree is valued at $2,045 while for the PhD program, it is valued at $4,090 per term.
  • Eligible students must not be receiving any external awards or scholarships. This University of Waterloo International scholarship is strictly for students going for Master’s and PhD programs. You can visit to search for the many scholarship awards available to students by the University of Waterloo. A few of the Scholarships awarded by the University of Waterloo are;
  • Devani charities graduate engineering Entrance Scholarship worth $1,500
  • Alan Plumtree Graduate scholarship in Mechanical & Mechatronics engineering worth over $20,000
  • Stantec Graduate scholarship in civil engineering which is worth $3,000 and so on. Visit the website link given above to see more of the Scholarships available by University of Waterloo in Canada.
2. University of Manitoba Graduate Fellowships
To know more official information about the scholarships for Colleges in Canada offered by the University of Manitoba, visit to search for scholarships that fit your discipline. The UMGF (University of Manitoba Graduate Fellowships) is open to international students of any country who will enroll to do full time graduate programs  (Master’s or PhD degrees) at the University. This is a strictly merit based scholarship and it is valued at $18,000 for the PhD program and $14,000 for the Masters program for a year period. Students will be able to receive the scholarship for the Masters program for only the first 2 years and students of the PhD program for a 48 months period.
  • The minimum GPA is 3.75 for the last 2 years of whichever program (whether Bachelor’s, Master’s or Doctoral) at a recognized University in the world. Students in the college of medicine program and the Master of Business Administration programs cannot apply for this Fellowship program.
3. Ontario Graduate Scholarship (OGS)
This scholarship program is fully funded by the Provincial government of Ontario and the program is aimed at students that wish to enroll for Master’s and Doctorate degrees. This scholarship is valued at $15,000 a year and only foreign students enrolled at the Ontario province are eligible for this scholarship.


How to apply?

  • Eligible students must have had first class (above 80%) in each of the past 2 school years.
  • Students must provide transcripts from their post secondary institutions.
  • This particular scholarship program is also used to screen students for the Queen Elizabeth II Graduate Scholarship in science and technology (QEII-GSST)
  • The QEII-GSST is also valued at $15,000 a year.
  • After the student has been screened and is successful, they have the option to take either one of the scholarships for a minimum of 2 terms. The OGS is a very prestigious scholarship program and selection is based on many factors of which a key factor is academic excellence.
4. University of Calgary Graduate Awards
All foreign students applying for graduate degrees in the University of Calgary must first apply for the scholarship in order to be considered. Being admitted into the University for Master’s or Doctorate does not equate automatic scholarship. It is only after a student has been admitted to the University of Calgary that they can apply for the scholarship. The value for the scholarship varies between &1,000 to $40,000 and a variety of research fields are covered in this Scholarship. Also, there are additional awards and scholarships that are offered like the “Alberta Innovates” award which is an award for students in ICT, Nanotechnology and the likes.
  • This particular award values at $26,500 for Master’s degree for a duration of 2 years , the “Alberta awards” is also for PhD students in the previously mentioned ICT fields for up to 4 years. You can visit to see more.
5. Trudeau Foundation scholarships. 
The Pierre Elliot Trudeau Doctoral scholarship is for only students enrolled full-time for a doctoral program for courses in the Humanities and social sciences. These sets of students are the only ones eligible to apply.
  • This award is a yearly award. And also, only first year and second year students of the department above are eligible.
  • Every year, up to 15 of the Trudeau Foundation scholarships are awarded to students and its annual value is up to $60,000 per scholar for up to 3 years. Only a limited number of foreign or permanent resident students can apply up to one in four scholars.
  • To know more about how to apply for this scholarship, visit to find more official information about the scholarship.
6. Simon Frasier University Financial Aid and Awards
For students planning to study at Simon Frasier University, there are a range of scholarships and fundings for both Canadians and foreign students. There are also Bursaries available to foreign students who show that they are in financial need. Such foreign students must be enrolled in full-time program at the Simon Frasier University and other requirements.
  • You can visit for more information on the Bursaries and Scholarships available at Simon Frasier University.
We believe if you follow our recommendation in this article on How To Find and Apply For Scholarships for Colleges in Canada, you might be able to land one or two scholarship awards.


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