Top 7 Places You Must Visit in Canada – Amazing Places in 2023

Canada is a huge country found in North America that has a vast amount of forests as well as fascinating cities. No matter the type of experience you are trying to have in Canada through exploring, there is something to satisfy you. From mountains, to chic cities, to the falls, to the culture! Canada is definitely a great destination for tourists and explorers! In this article, we will be looking at top 7 places you must visit in Canada. Like, these locations are an absolute must for you to see. Whether you are a tourist or a student, you should not miss out on the experience of these places at all.Places you must visit in Canada

Top 7 places you must visit in Canada

1. Niagara Falls.

Niagara Falls is always a number 1 on Canada’s tourist spots, which falls into the number one spot of 7 Places You Must Visit in Canada. This Fall offers you an exquisite view into nature. Actually, there is a whole city built around the breathtaking water fall, and the city is named after the water fall. Both the city and the waterfall, offers you a truly unforgettably experience. This tourist site is truly one of the best sights you need to catch in Canada. The best time to even see the waterfalls is in the night. There are some things you must do at the Niagara Falls and city too. For example;

  • See the amazing waterfalls.
  • Play games at the Niagara Fallsview Casino Resort.
  • Visit the Marineland.
  • Walk to the edge of the waterfalls and watch the water disappear over the crest, you will be separated by an iron railing.

Over the years, the Niagara waterfalls has influenced the people that live near it as well as their lifestyles. This destination is by far the most natural attraction point in Canada and it is absolutely cool!

2. Quebee City.

Quebee City is located in the Quebee Province of Canada is spotted on the second on this article of 7 Places You Must Visit in Canada. This city is the capital of Quebec and is an indeed great city with interesting history that dates back to the 1600s. This capital city is indeed very charming. Quebec City has a famous winter capital called the Carnival de Quebec and it is a major event that attracts people from all over the world every year during winter. Although, the city is the busiest during the summer season.

Quebec capital city is relatively small and quite easy to navigate through. Quebec City is also famous for its very old buildings which are indeed a very rare sight. And these old buildings are a spectacular sight. This city is also called North American’s oldest walled city. If you want something really romantic, this city is our top pick. Get ready to experience this French city’s art and culture in a marvellous way. Don’t miss out!

3. Banff National Park.

This is another popular tourist destination in Canada and you have probably heard of it before. This national park is a must see for you. Why? From the amazing landscapes, to the snow capped mountain peaks, to the beautifully cobred lakes, everything about this national park is simply beautiful. Hence, it makes our list. Things you should see include;

  • Lake Louise and BowLake in their natural beauty and colors!
  • See the Banff Gondola and take a ride!
  • Hike on the mountains.

The Banff National Park is located in Alberta in the town of Banff. And the park typically opens from 9am to 7pm everyday. Banff National Park definitely is one of the top 7 Places You Must Visit in Canada. Also, you could visit the Sunshine Village Ski Resort which is nearby. The main selling point of this national park is its mountains and lakes.

4. St. John’s.

Located in the province of Newfoundland and Labrador which is an eastern province in Canada is the historic city of St John’s. This city is really friendly to tourists and visitors and you are certain to enjoy your stay in this city. This city has sloping streets and guess what? Such beautiful and colorful buildings line the streets. The streets run down hills. St John’s city has a number of historic sites like the George Street, Signal Hill etc. This city is so different and refreshingly unique from mainland Canada. The houses in St John’s are typically described as”crayon-colored” or “jelly-beaned”. You can visit the Water Street, a very popular street to eat and shop as a tourist or visitor.

Also, see the Cape Spear Lighthouse, a very intriguing place. You can also learn about the city’s local arts history and cultural heritage at The Rooms, which is another fantastic place at St John’s. Many visitors to St John’s city simply come to enjoy the vibrant atmosphere and unique feel it has. St John’s City is a definitely a must on your bucket list. St. John also made it to the list of the Top 7 Places You Must Visit in Canada.

5. Whistler.

Whistler is a village that is one of the top ski destinations in North America and indeed all over the world. When it comes to winter holidays, Whistler is a top pick that we recommend. From Vancouver to Whistler is about 1 hour 30 minutes by cab. You can engage in sports like skiing, to bogganing, snowsheeting etc at Whistler. Whistler is a destination for thrill seekers that love excitement. At the 2010 Olympics hosted in Vancouver, Whistler was the place used for many of the skiing events. Yay!!! Whistler made it through to the Top 7 Places You Must Visit in Canada.

The village has grown into a vibrant town that has top hotels, shops, restaurants in it for your relaxation. Whistler also has other attractions like The Whistler-Blackcomb mountains which skiers from all over the globe come to Whistler for. Also, the Peak-2-Peak Gondola which is an all minute ride and is 4.4 kilometers long and joins 2 mountains together. Whistler is indeed a must see during the winter season.

6. Toronto

When it comes to non-stop entertainment, Toronto delivers! In case you don’t know, Toronto is the largest city in Canada and therefore has loads of fun to offer to visitors and tourists. The CN Tower is located in Toronto, so many symphony, ballet and Broadway shows are done in Toronto, talk of outdoor concerts and performances and much more! Toronto has a beautiful waterfront for peaceful walks.

Outside the center of the city are beaches that are so beautiful and perfect to lounge on during the summer season. During winter, there is entertainment available too. There is a public skating rink, special winter tailored events, and more for you during winter. The CN Tower especially is a must see in Toronto. This tower stretches up till it touches the Toronto skyline and there are lots of fun things to do at the CN Tower including eating at the 360 restaurant, Edge walking on glass outside etc.

7. Montreal

The last but not the list on Places You Must Visit in Canada. If you are looking for a place in Canada with the ancient world vibe, then Montreal is the place to go. From horse-drawn carriages to ancient unique buildings, to the peaceful vibe and aura of the city, what’s not to love? You can check out the underground city at Montreal, go on to the Old Montreal food tour and more. Old Montreal is an hub of its own inside Montreal City and attracts a huge number of visitors. Montreal is located in the Quebee Province (French speaking) but English speaking visitors won’t experience difficulty with communicating. Montreal is indeed a unique destination for visitors that come into Canada.


Conclusively, these 7 places described above are top visiting destination for tourists, visitors and exploration enthusiasists. Have fun exploring Canada!

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