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Do you aspire to study in Australia for your PhD? If so, you are at the right article piece. This article; PhD in Australia aims to enlighten you on everything you should know about Australia is a top destination globally among students. Australia is safe for students to study in and has an overall high life satisfaction. So, it is only logical that lots of students all over the world apply to Australian universities to study.

PhD in Australia

The population of students applying to Australia to study for their PhD program has been increasing a lot over the years. The process of application for one’s PhD in Australia is a bit different from that of other countries. Because the PhD students will be working with their academic supervisors very early on even during the application process.


It is also important to let you know that applicants must have excellent academic record as such students will  be considered for PhD in research. Second Class Lower and Third Class in undergraduate degree will not get the applicant anywhere. With the top and world class research centres that Australia has, as well as the highly ranked universities in its possession, students applying for PhD will indeed get the best PhD education when admitted.

Reasons to go for an Australian PhD program

  • Australia is well known in research

Australia’s universities are highly invested in research. Up to 8 of Australia’s universities are among the top 100 universities in the world. This means your PhD certificate can stand anywhere.
  • There are huge opportunities waiting

If you study Marine Biology for instance, you get to carry out research in your field at the Great Barrier Reef. Or if you major in Anthropology, you get to do some works at Uluru and so on.
  • Australia values PhD graduates
The post-study visas for students enrolled for PhD program is very good. You can stay back in Australia after your PhD program and work for up to 4 years. That is what your PhD could fetch you in Australia.
PhD in Australia

All three benefits mentioned above and more, are abound for you in Australia

How many universities in Australia offer PhD programs?


There are 43 of them. Out of these 43 universities, up to 12 nobel prize laureates have been produced. The oldest university in Australia, the University of Sydney also offers fantastic PhD programs for postgraduate students.


What is the length of a PhD program in Australia?
A PhD program in Australia usually lasts for 3 years.
How about the fees?


Usually, the fees to study in Australia for PhD ranges between AUD $18,000 to AUD$42,000. These figures are estimated to be about USD$12,300 to USD$28,750.
How is the academic year for PhD like?
One PhD academic year runs from February to November in Australia. A full time PhD program is what takes 3 years. If you will be going for a Part-time PhD program, then your PhD could take up to 6 years to complete. Also, a student’s full-time PhD program could take longer. Factors like student registration and funding could affect the duration of a student.


Usually in Australia, international students can not enroll for a part-time PhD program, which allows students to work while studying for their PhD. The condition upon which foreign students are admitted to study in Australia is if they are applying for a full-time program.

PhD in Australia

What is the PhD structure in Australia like?


Working on a PhD in Australia is not much different from working on a PhD in the UK or anywhere else in the world. The PhD in Australia is most times for research purpose. It is a research qualification in Australia. The PhD programmes are usually catered toward professional and research development. The courses are more of training in profession rather than formal performance assessments.


The doctoral thesis is a very important aspect of your PhD that you will be working on for the most part. The doctoral thesis makes sure that you can contribute meaningful knowledge to your field during your time studying. A Literature Review is usually what starts the doctoral thesis. Throughout your doctoral thesis, you will have a supervisor who will monitor you. The expert supervisor monitoring you could be more than one. Like we said earlier, right from your PhD application stage is when your supervisor will be with you.


How does PhD Assessment and Examination work in Australia?
Usually, by the end of the PhD program, the student will write and submit the written thesis based on the research they have carried out, their findings and the evidences that back them up. Some fields require a pratical presentation along with the written thesis. And the written thesis could be up to 100,000 words long. Usually around that amount. In Australia, there is NO VIVA VOCE while doing your PhD. Which is quite the opposite in other countries.


In conclusion, we just briefed you on the essential information you need to know about going to Australia for your PhD; PhD in Australia. To know the specific process of application and admission requirements, do visit your preferred Australian university’s website for a detailed explanation. Process of application varies widely from institution to institution.


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