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MBA which is an acronym for Masters of Business Administration, is an internationally recognized Masters program for eligible candidates that wish to acquire the necessary skills and knowledge to become experts in fields like Banking and Finance, Entrepreneurship, International Relations, Government Affairs and so on. It is time we talk about MBA In CanadaMBA In Canada
Canadian universities have what it takes to give you the best Masters of Business Administration program that can speak for itself anywhere in the world. And indeed, Canada ranks very highly among the MBA programs in North America and globally. You also will have the opportunity to work in Canada after your studies if you are a foreigner through some special programs.


In this article, we will be looking at MBA in Canada fully, how to apply, universities in Canada that offer top MBA programs, work permit after your Masters for foreigners, and more subtopics that you will find very useful. Let’s get to the point!

Why is Canada a great country to have your MBA?

  • Canada’s qualifications are globally valued
Just like a Diploma or Bachelor’s in Canada is highly respected wherever you go in the world,so is the MBA program highly and widely respected. The way certificates from the UK and US are valued highly, so is the Canadian certificate as well. So, why not have your MBA program in a country that already gives you an edge.


  • Vast array of opportunities available for you
 The Canadian Business Schools expose their students to several academic and Business avenues where they will have the chance to express their skills and creativity.


  • Ease of Immigration
 It is fairly easy to migrate to Canada for study because their study permit is easy to obtain and also post graduates can apply for permanent residency once they are done with their Masters or MBA program.


So, these three major reasons make Canada a great country to take your MBA program in.


 What’s the tuition fee like for MBA in Canada?

The tuition fees range very widely depending on the duration of the MBA program. Typically, the longer the duration of your MBA program, the costlier your tuition might be.


So, these programs are split into two based on the duration of the program and they are Generalized MBA program and the Specialised MBA program.


The Generalized MBA program lasts for 20 months – 24 months and the tuition fees ranges from $7,600 to $85,750 for a full time program. Tuition fees also depend on the Business school you applied to.


What are the top five MBA schools in Canada ?

1. Rotman School of Management at University of Toronto

Located in Toronto, Rotman School is ranked number 1 among all MBA schools in Canada currently. Their full time program is for a period of 20 months.


Rotman School is one of the largest and most recognized MBA schools in Canada and the school frequently receives gifts and grants that help to support the scholarships and infrastructure of the school.


2. Ivey Business School, Western University

 Located in Ontario, this MBA school is currently ranked number 2 of business schools in Canada. Their full time program lasts for a period of 12 months and the tuition fee for a full time program at Ivey Business School is around $85,000.


If the student already has a B.Sc Honours in Business Administration in their undergraduate, then such student is eligible for an accelerated course of 8 months for their MBA. This business school provides enough real world business scenarios for their students of MBA to learn from.

3. HEC Montreal


This Business School is located in Montreal, Canada and makes number 3 in this list. Their full time program lasts for a period of 12 months only. Their tuition fee ranges from $7,600 for Quebec residents and $16,200 for students from other locations. HEC Montreal offers a Generalized MBA program.


4. Sauder School of Business

 This Business School is located in British Columbia and ranks number 4 on our list. Their full time program lasts for 16 months and it costs $44,700 for a full time program. There is the combined option of MBA with another Master of Advanced Management and the Business School offers career tracks like Product and Service Management, etc.

5. Desautels Faculty of Management


This school in McGill University has a full time duration of 20 months and the full time program costs around $79,500 in total. Students are trained on important tenets of management and business like presentation and analysis. Also, students of this business school go on international study trips to learn more and get exposed.

How to Apply for MBA in Canada?

In order to prepare for your MBA program, you will need the following:
  • Your Bachelor’s degree from a recognized university (It does not have to be from the business area).
  • A willingness to spend between 8 months to 2 years in Canada if you are going for the full time Masters program. And it could be longer if you are going for a past-time program.
There are other requirements to provide in order to qualify for MBA in Canada apart from Bachelor’s degree and time spent, others include:


  • A GMAT score of between 500 and 600.(GMAT stands for Graduate Management Admission Test).
  • You might need relevant work experience to be eligible too. Some Canadian universities and business schools cut down on the population of applicants by asking for work experience as a criteria compulsorily.
  • Your TOEFL or IELTS score must meet the school’s minimum requirements that is if you are a foreigner, or English is not your first language.
  • To know more on the requirements in full details, visit the website of the school you wish to apply to and check the relevant page for their admission requirements into the MBA program.

Is there an application fee for MBA program?

Yes, universities charge an application fee of modest amount mostly.



How long does application take?

Application process usually takes about 10-12 weeks to complete and it also depends on the faculty and their timelines.

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