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Are you a foreign/ international student and you plan on going for your Masters degree in Australia; Masters in Australia? Then, this article was crafted just for you. In this article piece, we will try to explain the basics of what you need to know about enrolling for your Master’s program in Australia; Masters in Australia.
Masters in Australia
However, we will first start this article with some of the benefits that are abound for you when you decide to choose Australia as your preferred country for your Master’s.


Benefits of pursuing Masters in Australia

  • Think about the adventure and travel opportunity
If you would love to try out new experiences and see a totally new country and culture in full fledge, then studying at Australia might be a good choice for you. If you are very open to trying out new adventures and places, why not give your postgraduate degree a try in Australia right? Also, you should know that Australia is a very good tourist destination among travellers. The landscapes in Australia, the Koalas, the beautiful weather are all good enough reasons why travelling to Australia is a very good idea.


  • Australia is atop choice among international students
Australia was ranked 3rd among the most popular study destinations in the world among foreign students. Obviously, lots of ranking factors must have been weighed and Australia ranked among top three. This tells you a lot.


  •  Also, Australian education is known to value research and training
The oceans and works of nature abound in Australia makes for perfect places to carry out research works. If for example, you are a Environmental Science Postgraduate student, the oceans, the coral reef, the vegetation in Australia make perfect places to conduct research. Also, the education system in Australia is one that encourages research among students.


  • Internationally Recognised
Australian universities are highly recognised internationally. The Australian Master’s degree program is modelled after the British degree system and it is well respected across the world. You will have no issues landing jobs as employers respect the Australian educational system.


So, we have enlightened you on the benefits you stand to gain from choosing to enroll for your Master’s degree in Australia. Let us move on to the next section. How do you select a university that is right for you in Australia for your field especially?


Selecting a University

Australia has a total of 43 universities where they offer postgraduate degree programs like Master’s to their students. Out of these 43, some institutions will be good for a Master’s in Business, some will be better for Master’s in Creative Arts, Writing, and so on. How do you know which is best for you?


  • You can start with looking at the rankings for universities in Australia. According to the Times Higher Education rankings of 2020, University of Melbourne ranked number 1 best university in Australia. Whether University of Melbourne will be good for you depends on your field of study. After University of Melbourne, Australian National University ranked second. Then, University of Sydney ranked third. These universities are all good choices for pursuing a Master’s degree.
University of Queensland, University of New South Wales, Monash University, and others are also good choices for your Master’s degree.


Many of these Australian universities listed above rank among the top 300 universities in the world.


  • Eligibility criteria for Master’s in Australia

The following items listed below are core requirements that all applying students for Master’s in Australia; Masters in Australia must possess in order to be eligible for admission into a Master’s program in Australia.


  • A valid undergraduate/Bachelors degree from a recognised institution.
  • A minimum GPA is required from the undergraduate degree submitted.
  • GRE or GMAT graduate test scores.
  • Work experience if required.

How Long Does A Master’s Degree Last in Australia?

Most times, Master’s degree programs last from a period of 1-2 years on average. The exact duration of your Master’s program depends on your course of study and even, academic background. If your course requires vocational training, then your Master’s program might take longer.


What is the tuition fee for Master’s in Australia like?

Usually, Master’s degree programs cost within a range of AUD$22,000 to AUD$50,000 in one academic year for tuition. This is about 15,100 to 34,300 in US Dollars. Art based Master’s degree programs usually cost lower than Science based programs.


Scholarship fundings are also available for you as a foreign student. There are numerous scholarship opportunities available to International postgraduate applicants, that if you are willing to do your research on them. But scholarship help to take the load of heavy tuition off your shoulders.


We hope this brief guide offered you a glance into what it will entail to enroll and study for your Master’s program in Australia; Masters in Australia.

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