List of The Best High Schools in Chile(2023)

Best High Schools in Chile:

This article details the Best High Schools in Chile. Some of them are bilingual and others subscribe to the British curriculum.

Many International schools are present in Chile’s capital city of Santiago which includes British, American, French, Italian and German.

This Best High Schools in Chile are the best that exists in the country with certified and erudite instructors.

If you are an international student seeking the best high schools in Chile, then this post is for you. the greatest schools for international students are located in Santiago. Relax, take your time reading this post, and you will be delighted with the mentioned schools.

List of The Best High Schools in Chile

Listed below are the Best High Schools in Chile:

1. Lincoln International Institution

Best High Schools in Chile


Starting off on the list of the Best High Schools in Chile is the prestigious Lincoln International Academy, which is located in Chile’s capital city of Santiago.

This school is a private bilingual high school and houses both domestic and international students. Founded by Mr. Robert G. Seaquist in the year 1976, Lincoln International Academy has two campuses, Which are the Lo Barnechea and Chicureo Campus both located in Santiago.


To learn more about this Best High Schools in Chile, visit the schools’ official website.

2. The International Preparatory School

Also making the list of The Best High Schools in Chile is The International Preparatory school which existed as a Cambridge International Examination Centre since 1987.

The School employs British Curriculum and offers about eleven distinct high school disciplines that are taught in English as the first language for AS and A Levels(4) and IGCSE

Graduates of this college are eligible for entrance to Institutions in the United Kingdom. And the school also offers a 3-week winter vacation every month of July, as a result of its location in Chile.

The school is also noted to expose its pupils to different extracurricular activities such as football, Athletics, Basketball ball ,Tennis, Cheerleading, Gymnastics, and Swimming.

To know more about this Best High Schools in Chile, you can visit the schools’ official website below.

3. The International School SEK Chile


Established in 1983, This Best High Schools in Chile holds the record as the first educational school of the SEK international institution in Latin America. The school provides the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme. In 1989, this high school started offering the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme.

SEK CHILE International is recognized by The Chilean Ministry of Education as a provider of early childhood, elementary, and secondary education.

On its official website, you may find information about the SEK CHILE International School.

4. Southlands Colleges

Best High Schools in Chile

This Best High Schools in Chile is located in Chile’s capital city and is one of the best educational centers for students.

Southland College houses both international and domestic students and is a Bilingual High School with top-notch facilities thereby making learning seamless for its students.

The official website for Southlands Schools contains additional details.

5. Santiago College


Founded by Ira H. La Fetra in 1880, This Best High Schools in Chile is among the oldest in the country.

Santiago College is a private institution that was established as a boarding school for girls but became a co-educational college in 1972.

Santiago College has been a member of the International Baccalaureate Organization since the early 1980s (IBO). Also, the school is affiliated with the European Council of International Schools, the Council of International Schools (CIS), the New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASC), and the International Schools Association.

To learn more about Santiago College, please visit the school’s official website via the link provided below.

6. The International Nildo de Aguilas School

The International Nildo de Aguilas School was established in 1934 as a private, non-profit, co-educational institution.

This Best High Schools in Chile since its establishment has continued to operate as a multilingual international school providing native and international Chileans with English-language education.

Nildo de Aguilas enrolls students from both domestic and international countries and currently has students from about fifty different nations.

Nildo de Aguilas uses a North American-style curriculum with the best and most qualified teachers. This high school is one of the schools in Chile that utilizes a northern hemisphere calendar.

Find more information about Nildo de Aguilas on its official website.

7. Craighouse School


Established in 1959 by Charles T. Darling and his wife Joan Gibson Craig Carmichael. This Best High Schools in Chile is a private bilingual co-educational college.

This Best High Schools in Chile offers top-quality education from pre-school, primary to secondary level. In 2008, Craighouse became an International Baccalaureate Continuum School. In addition to being recognized by the Ministry of Education, the institution is also a part of the Chilean Educational System. Craighouse is among the most distinguished international high schools in Chile. The institution is a charter member of the Association of British Schools of Chile (ABSCH) and the Latin American Head’s Conference (LAHC).

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8. Lycee Francias Antoine de Saint Exupery de Santiago (LAFASE)

This Best High Schools in Chile is a Bilingual ( French and Spanish) bilingual educational college.

LAFASE has two campuses in Santiago, Chile. In May 2012, the Lycee Français Antoine de Saint Exupery de Santiago Chamisero Campus was created. The Chamisero Campus opened to the public for the first time in May of the following year.

9. Deutsche Schule Santiago (Colegio Aleman de Santiago)

Deutsche Schule Santiago is a German international high school in Santiago and is one of the Best High Schools in Chile.

In March of 1891, Deutsche Schule Santiago held its inaugural classes. This is one of the nineteenth-century-founded high schools. Deutsche Schule Santiago or Colegio Aleman de Santiago has a substantial student body. Over 2,000 pupils are now enrolled at Deutsche Schule Santiago.

The school’s preschool classes are held on the Las Condes, Cerro Colorado site. The Vitacura Campus is for kindergarten through sixth grade, while the Las Condes Campus is for high school.

10. Scuola Italiana Vittorio Montiglio


This Best High Schools in Chile was established in 1891, Scuola Italiana Vittorio Montiglio or Scuola Italiana Santiago is an Italian international school in Las Condes, Santiago, Chile.

Scuola Italiana Vittorio Montiglio has scuola infanzia (pre-school) and scuola secondaria di II grado (upper secondary school).

Scuola Italiana Vittorio Montiglio, like every other high school on our list, is an international and bilingual institution. The facility is equipped with the essentials for regular education.


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