List of Best High Schools in Denmark(2023)

Best High Schools in Denmark!

This guide answers all you need to know about The Best High Schools in Denmark. Denmark is one of the most astounding countries in the world. The Nordic nation is the most southern nation in Europe. Denmark is comprised of multiple regions and cities in addition to its capital, Copenhagen. It shares a border with both Sweden and Germany. The country’s capital(Copenhagen) and largest city, has an approximate population of 800,000.

Secondary and tertiary education in Denmark is facilitated by a tranquil and favorable atmosphere. There are tens of thousands of high schools in Denmark, but we are only considering the most prestigious and internationally renowned institutions.

Gymnasium is the usual name for secondary schools in Denmark. In these countries, there are four upper secondary school programs: STX, HHX, HTX, and HF.

List of the Best High Schools in Denmark

Listed below is the list of the Best High Schools in Denmark:

1. Copenhagen International University (CIS)

Best High Schools in Denmark

Starting off on the list of the best high schools in Denmark is Copenhagen International School which is situated in the Danish metropolis of Copenhagen. This Best High Schools in Denmark is an international, co-ed day school with approximately 930 students from various countries.

The language of Instruction at CIS is English . This is one of the greatest high schools in a Nordic country. It offers educational programs for students from pre-kindergarten through grade 12.

In contrast with most other international schools serving expatriates, the student population at CIS includes Danish nationals 79%, and 20% are non-Danish nationals. With well over 15 years of experience educating English-speaking students, CIS offers British National Curriculum (UK), American curriculum (US), and International Baccalaureate Programmes (IB). Copenhagen International School is the first Danish-curriculum international school that produces graduates eligible for

US universities, or any university in Europe after completion.

Visit the official website of Copenhagen International School for additional information.

School Address: Copenhagen International School, Levantkaj 4-14, 2150 Nordhavn, Denmark

2. Ingrid Jespersens Gymnasieskole

This Best High school in Denmark was established as a private primary school for girls by Ingrid Jespersen under the name Ingrid Jespersens Pigeskole in 1894. It was originally based in rented rooms in Gustav Adolph Hagemann’s former house on Nordre Frihavnsvej (formerly Kalkbrænderivej, now Nordre Frihavnegade). The house was replaced by a new three-story building at the same site in 1897. It was designed in the National Romantic style by A. M. Andersen.

Ingrid Jespersens Gymnasieskole is currently one of the top high schools in Denmark. This Best High Schools in Denmark is extremely noteworthy in the city of Copenhagen and attracts a number of pupils each year.

Visit Ingrid Jespersens Gymnasieskole’s official website for additional information.

School Address: Nordre Frihavnsgade 9, 2100 København, Denmark


3. Gymnasium, HF, IB, and Boarding School in Birkerod

Birkerod Gymnasium, HF, IB, and Boarding School, founded in 1868, is one of the Best High Schools in Denmark. Bikerod Gymnasium, HF, IB, and Boarding School offers the Studentereksamen (SFX), the two-year higher preparatory test (HFX), and the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IB).

The school has approximately 1,000 pupils and 100 trained teachers in a variety of disciplines. Students from Bikerod Gymnasium, HF, IB, and Boarding School compete in international contests. This institution’s students represent Denmark in the International Physics Olympiad (IPhO).

This Best High Schools in Denmark is ideal for boarding students. Almost seventy rooms are available at Bikerod Gymnasium, HF, IB, and Boarding School. Each room features a comfortable bed, reading desk, bookcase, Internet access, and a closet.

School Address: Søndervangen 56, 3460 Birkerød, Denmark


4. Grenaa Gymnasium


Grenaa Gymnasium is one of the Best High Schools in Denmark and is located in Grenaa. There are two notable structures in Grenaa Gymnasium. The original structure of the school, constructed in 1964, is referred to as the old section. The second structure of the high school, known as the new section, was constructed in 1973.

This Best High Schools in Denmark provides a conducive environment for pupils to master the fundamentals. The second building contains a huge common area with a cafeteria, library, and reading room.

Students at Grenaa Gymnasium hail from various regions of the globe. This high school’s community is comprised of individuals from many origins.

You can learn more about this high school by visiting its official website.

School Address: Grenaa Gymnasium N. P. Josiassensvej 21 Denmark – 8500 Grenaa

5. Norre Gymnasium

Noree Gymnasium, established by Caroline Wroblewsky in 1818, is one of the largest high schools in Copenhagen, Denmark. This Best High School in Denmark provides both Danish and International Baccalaureate programs.

The main purpose of creating this high school was to educate young Danish ladies.

Academically, Noree Gymnasium prepares pupils for tertiary education. The school is committed to fostering children in the most effective manner possible. Norre Gym provides kids with the ability to be creative.

Academic resources are made available to pupils at Noree High School.

The official website for Noree Gymnasium contains additional details.

School Address: Nørre Gymnasium Mørkhøjvej 78 Denmark-2700 Brønshøj

6. Rysensteen Gymnasium

Rysensteen Gymnasium is an upper secondary school in Copenhagen, Denmark, that was founded in 1881. The institution was originally named Laura Engelhardt’s School (Laura Engelhardts Skole).

Since its inception, Rysensteen Gymnasium has been relocated multiple times. In 1895, the school was relocated to Rysensteensgade. The school was renamed Rysensteen Gymnasium immediately upon the takeover by the Copenhagen Municipality.

This Best High Schools in Denmark is located in Copenhagen, Denmark’s city center. The total number of students enrolled at Rysensteen Gymnasium ranges between 1,100 and 1,200. This secondary school has approximately 125 active staff at present.

The Rysenteen Gymnasium provides an upper secondary education. This Best High Schools in Denmark also provides numerous specialized study programs in the sciences, humanities, music and drama, and social studies.

On its official website, Rysensteen Gymnasium provides additional details.

School Address: Tietgensgade 74, 1704 København, Denmark


7. Ribe Katedralskole

Best High Schools in Denmark

This Best High Schools in Denmark is a catholic high school located in the Danish city of Ribe. and is regarded as one of the world’s oldest school.

The Puggard, erected in the 14th century, is among the oldest structures at Ribe Katedralskole. The building is one of the oldest in Scandinavia and is still in use today.

If you are interested in learning more about this high school, please visit its official website using the link provided below.

School Address: Puggaardsgade 22, 6760 Ribe, Denmark


8. Aalborghus Gymnasium

Aalborghus Gynasiums is one of the largest Gymnasium high schools in Northern Denmark. The school has over 1000 pupils currently enrolled with Over 120 qualified professors and compassionate support personnel

As stated previously, Denmark offers four postsecondary education programs. Studentereksamen (SFX), HHX, HTX, and HF are their designations. The Aalborghus Gymnasium provides two of the aforementioned programs. It includes STX and HF.

STX at Alborghus Gymnasium is a three-year, full-time curriculum with a variety of required high school disciplines. Humanities, social science, and natural science are required subjects for the SFX major.

HF is a full-time, two-year degree that requires several humanities, social science, and natural science topics.

The official website for Aalborghus Gymnasium contains additional details.

School Address: Sohngårdsholmsvej 60, 9000 Aalborg, Denmark


9. College of International Peoples

International Peoples College is one of the Best High Schools in Denmark. It is a Danish Folk High School in the classic sense. Students of International Peoples College hail from more than 25 different nations.

English is the primary language of instruction at International Peoples College. As a Folk High School, International Peoples College provides pupils with engaging activities.

International Folk High Schools in Denmark consistently enroll more overseas pupils than Danes. This is one of the greatest high schools for overseas students to go and study in the country.

The official website of the International Peoples College contains additional details.

International People’s College is located at Montebello Allé 1, 3000 Helsingr, Denmark.

10. Herlufsholm College

This Best School in Denmark, is among the oldest in the country. Established in 1565 as a private day and boarding school. Herlufsholm College was meant for the sons of noble and honourable people.

Herlufsholm provides education beginning in sixth grade at the Danish lower secondary school. This high school also provides an optional tenth grade, three grades in upper secondary school (Gymnasium), and foreign programs.

Herlufsholm offers a variety of physical activities for students. This high school’s students participate in sports such as basketball, football, hockey, rugby, tennis, volleyball, e-sport, and badminton, among others.

See the Herlufsholm school’s website for additional details.

Address of the School: Naestved, Denmark Herlufsholm Allé 170 4700 Næstved


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