How to Get Spotify student discount in 2023

Spotify student discount 2023!

Being a college student is expensive, but there are ways to save money if you know where to look. In fact, several companies offer special discounts on products and services to help reduce costs while you’re in school.

Spotify is one of these businesses, and its Premium Student plan is easily among the most value-packed subscriptions out there.

If you are presently enrolled in school, you can receive a substantial Spotify student discount. The service is the most popular music streaming platform on the planet and provides millions of tunes in addition to a selection of exclusive podcasts.

Over 70 million recordings are available on Spotify, making it possible to find practically any artist imaginable. Spotify also provides a variety of podcasts, many of which are exclusive to the platform. Spotify will have something for you to listen to regardless of your mood.

In this article, we have detailed all you need to know about obtaining a Spotify student discount in the United States and the United Kingdom.

What to know about Spotify

Spotify is a well-known music streaming platform, where you can listen to tracks and other content on demand from the biggest artists from around the globe. In direct competition with other streaming services like Apple Music, Spotify lets you enjoy single tracks, albums, curated playlists, and podcasts.

Founded in 2006, Spotify does offer a free service for those who don’t want to sign up for its premium membership. With the free service, you can still play your favorites and make playlists, but the sound quality is reduced and features are limited (for example, you can’t request specific songs through connected Google Home or Amazon Echo devices).

The free service also only allows you to listen to most playlists and albums in shuffle mode, so you can’t select specific tracks to play, and your experience will be interrupted by an ad every now and again, which makes it a no for a house party.

Who can receive a Spotify student discount?

Spotify student discount is available “only to students at a recognized higher education institution”, this implies that you need to be enrolled at a university or college before you are eligible for the offer. and the offer isn’t available to high school students.

In order to receive the Spotify student discount, you must be a new subscriber or upgrading from a non-premium plan.

What is the Spotify discount for students?

How to Get Spotify student discount in 2023 | Scholarshipsofar

In the United States, qualified students can receive a free month of Spotify Premium, followed by a $4.99 monthly membership. This is a 50% discount off the regular monthly price of $9.99. This deal is valid for up to 48 months, or until the student is no longer eligible.

You will also receive a Hulu (ad-supported) plan (worth $5.99 per month) and a Showtime membership (worth $10.99 per month) in addition to Spotify Premium. You save $21.98 per month with the Spotify student discount and gain access to three unique services.

Unfortunately, the student discount in the United Kingdom is not as generous. Students receive one month of Spotify Premium for free, followed by a monthly subscription for £5.99 as opposed to £9.99. This discounted price is valid for up to 48 months, or until your student status ends, whichever comes first.

By signing up for a student subscription, you’ll also get your first month of Spotify for free.

How to claim your student discount Spotify in the United States.

In order to take advantage of this excellent offer, you need to visit the Spotify website(opens in a new tab) and follow the instructions provided.

The process will require you to create a Spotify account, or log into your existing one, and then complete the verification process. This is done through a third-party platform called SheerID which is used for a few different student discount schemes.

After proving your eligibility for the student discount, you will be allowed to begin listening to music immediately and will not be required to pay until the second month.

How to obtain the Spotify student discount in the United Kingdom.

Follow the instructions provided on the Spotify website(opens in a new tab) to claim your student discount.

You must use SheerID to verify your student status. Numerous merchants use this third-party site to verify eligibility for student discounts, so you may already have an account. Create one using your university email address if you do not already have one, and you will be able to claim your discounted Spotify subscription.

As this offer includes a free first month of Premium, you won’t have to pay anything until the second month of your subscription.

FAQs On Spotify student discount

Is there free Spotify for students?

Click below to head to the Spotify student membership page. Hit ‘get premium’ and follow the steps to sign up. Verify your student status through your university portal, or by uploading proof of enrollment. Get a free one-month trial, then enjoy 50% savings for as long as your university course lasts!

How much does a Spotify Premium Student subscription cost?

The current rate for Spotify Student Premium, which includes Showtime and ad-supported Hulu, is $4.99 per month after the 30-day free trial period is up.

How long does Spotify student Verification last?

You’ll continue to get access to Premium Student, for up to 12 months from the date you subscribed or last re-verified, while it’s available. If you’re no longer a student at the end of that period, you’ll no longer be eligible for Premium Student.

How do I renew my Spotify Premium Student subscription?

Spotify should send you a renewal reminder email about four weeks before your subscription expires, complete with instructions on how to complete the process. Manually renewing through your account page is also possible if you’d rather not wait for the reminder email, or didn’t receive one.

Who qualifies as a student for Spotify?

If you are a student enrolled at a US Title IV accredited college or university, and above the age of 18, then yes. How do you know I’m a student? We verify your enrollment status through a third-party service called SheerID.

Why can’t Spotify verify that I’m a student?

We partner with SheerID to verify your eligibility. If you’re having verification issues, try again using an incognito or private window of your browser. This will ensure your browser isn’t pre-populating any fields with saved information that might cause your verification to fail.


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