What you need to know about Google career certificates 2023

Google career certificates 2023!

Looking to learn some new skills? If Yes! This post is for you. Google career certificates are among the most sought-after professional credentials available online. These programs are developed and delivered by Google as part of the Google career certificates program, which is aimed at assisting individuals that lacks experience in developing job-readiness skills and securing employment in the IT industry.

In this article, you will learn everything you need to know about Google certifications for careers.

Our objective is to help you understand how the Google career certificates program functions, what each certification delivers, how much it costs, how long it takes to become certified, and what job prospects you can pursue as a Google-certified professional.

What are Google career certificates?

Google career certificates are certifications for entry-level professionals designed by Google practitioners. The program offers six certifications.

Each certificate is comprised of multiple online courses that will help you develop job-ready skills for a career in IT support, UX Design, Computer Programming, Data Analytics, Project management, or Digital Marketing & eCommerce.

One of the big catches about this curriculum is the fact that no prior experience or expertise is required to complete the lessons. They are intended to assist individuals to learn the essentials and obtain entry-level employment.

How Much Does a Google career Certificate Cost?

Each program is free to try out for seven days with a Coursera trial. After the trial ends, the program will cost $39 a month to keep learning, so the faster you complete each course, the more money you’ll save.

On average, the programs can take 6-8 months to complete if you devote about five hours per week. So, you can expect to pay roughly $234-$312 total for the full program.

The table below illustrates how long it will take to obtain certification if you study an average of 30 hours per week.

Google IT Support Professional Certificate$2346 months
Google UX Design Professional Certificate$1564 months
Google IT Automation With Python Professional Certificate$1564 months
Google Data Analytics Professional Certificate$3128 months
Google Project Management Professional Certificate$1564 months
Google Digital Marketing & eCommerce Professional Certificate$2346 months

If you can complete a certificate faster than the above predictions, it will be less expensive, but based on past history, it will be too challenging. There is a great deal of material to cover in each course, so you will need to set aside sufficient time to complete all lectures and tests.

Google provides financing via its social finance program. You can apply for financing and receive training for free. You can only return the cost of a certificate in tiny monthly installments if you have a minimum annual salary of $40,000.

These online certificate programs are designed to help you upskill and advance your career or land a new job in what Google has identified as high-growth fields. Google designed these programs to target a wide audience; it says 59% of those who’ve enrolled in the IT support program don’t have a four-year degree. Compare that with 27% of the general population on Coursera, where the IT support program is offered.

But there are also benefits for those with a four-year degree.

Some analysts believe education and learning skills are part of lifelong career enhancement. As businesses and workplaces evolve, relying on an old degree isn’t always enough. “I don’t think one-and-done is the world of work anymore,” says Julia Panke Makela, associate director for assessment and research at the career center at the University of Illinois.

List of the Google career certificates

Google’s career certificates are available to all U.S. citizens regardless of previous job experience or education level.

In addition to offering these courses, Google is committed to helping certificate holders to get hired upon completion.

let’s look at the details of each course so you can find the best one for your career development.

Courses Available

The following courses are available in Google Career Certification

  1. IT Support
  2. UX Design
  3. IT Automation
  4. Data Analysis
  5. Project Management
  6. Digital Marketing and E-Commerce


  1. Google IT Support Specialist Certification

Google career certificates

The Google IT Support specialist certification It is Google’s most popular career certificate. It prepares students for careers as support professionals in the IT industry.

This Google career certificates requires completion of five online courses and, on average, six months.

The Google career certificates cover the following subjects: principles of technical support, computer networking, operating systems, system administration, and IT security.

You will be able to apply for entry-level positions as an IT support professional, junior system administrator, or system analyst upon completion of this course.

In the United States, the beginning compensation for an IT support expert is approximately $50,000 per year. Professionals with 10 or more years of experience can become senior Information Technology specialists and earn $69,000 annually.

If you enjoy working with computers (operating systems, networks, hardware), fixing problems, and assisting people, you should pursue this certification.

2. Google UX Design Certified Professional

Students are prepared for a career in web and application design with the Google UX Design Professional Certificate.

This Google career certificates requires completion of seven online courses and four months on average.

The Google career certificates cover the following topics: UX design fundamentals, wireframing, UX research, website creation, and mobile app prototyping.

This is a highly practical Google career certificates that will teach you not just the theory of user experience design, but also how to use popular tools such as Figma and Adobe XD.

After obtaining certification, you are eligible to apply for positions as a UX designer, web designer, application designer, or web developer. The typical annual income for entry-level UX design positions is $58,600, rising to $108,000 for those with 10 or more years of expertise.

If you have a creative mind and enjoy designing websites and software that solves people’s issues and meets their demands, you should seek this certification.

3. Google IT Automation Expert Certification


The Google IT Automation With Python Professional Certificate is Google’s most sought-after programming certification. It teaches students how to use the Python programming language to develop computer programs and automate everyday operations.

This Google career certificate requires the completion of six online courses and four months on average.

The Google career certificates cover programming-related topics, such as how to use Python to develop programs and scripts, how to utilize Git and GitHub to store and distribute software, and how to design efficient computer code.

This is a programming course that requires no prior expertise, but it is not for everyone. If you wish to begin a career as a software developer, you should enroll in this class. If you find programming complex or challenging, it is advisable to choose a less technical Google career degree.

Students who earn this certification can easily find employment as Python programmers in the IT department of a business or as freelance developers.

4. Google Certified Professional in Data Analytics

The Google Data Analytics Professional Certificate is one of Google’s most valuable Google career certificates for your profession.

With a career in data analytics, you’ll collect, transform, and organize data in order to help businesses make informed decisions.

If you enjoy uncovering trends and patterns, the Data Analytics certificate might be right for you.

In the Data Analytics Certificate program you’ll learn about:

  • Data types and structures.
  • Using data to solve problems.
  • How to analyze data.
  • Data storytelling with visualizations.
  • Using R programming to supercharge your analysis.

This Google career certificates is appropriate for individuals who enjoy working with data, numbers, spreadsheets, and presentations.

5. Google Project Management Expert Certification

If you want to start a career in project management, the Google Project Management Professional Certificate is the finest credential to pursue.

It is an entry-level certification that qualifies you for a position as a project manager and prepares you for the PMP certification, which is the industry standard in project management.

The typical beginning project manager compensation is $59,000 per year. A minimum annual salary of $100,000 is easily attainable for seasoned project managers handling large-scale initiatives.

Therefore, while this qualification alone will not propel you to the top of the salary scale, it is an excellent starting point.

The certification requires the completion of six courses in four months.

You will learn how to design, execute, and monitor projects utilizing the most prevalent tools and processes throughout the classes.

This Google career certificate should be considered if you enjoy working with teams, planning projects, and solving difficulties.

You can apply your abilities and work as a project manager in nearly any field, which is a significant advantage of the project management certification. It is not confined to the IT industry, since businesses of all sizes can benefit from a capable project manager.

6. Google Digital Marketing and eCommerce Specialist Certification


The Google Digital Marketing and eCommerce specialist certification is Google’s most popular digital marketing certification. It prepares students for careers as digital marketing and e-commerce specialists in the digital marketing and e-commerce industries.

This Google career certificates requires the completion of seven online courses and six months on average.

The Google career certificates cover digital marketing, SEO, social media marketing, email marketing, marketing analytics, and eCommerce marketing, among others.

You will be eligible to apply for entry-level positions and work as a Junior Digital Marketing Specialist, SEO Specialist, Google Ads Specialist, Email Marketing Specialist, and Junior eCommerce Specialist upon completion of this degree.

In the United States, an entry-level digital marketing specialist earns approximately $51,000 per year. Professionals with 10 or more years of experience can become Digital Marketing Managers and make $97K annually, or eCommerce Specialists and earn $58K annually.


If you enjoy working with internet marketing, SEO, eCommerce, social media, email marketing, and other digital marketing platforms, you should seek this certification.

FAQs On Google career certificates

Are Google career certificates worth it?

Yes, Google Career certificates on Coursera are worth it for beginners who want to explore technology career opportunities but do not have the time or resources to get a college degree. Google Career Certificates on Coursera are short-term programs that run for six months or less.

How Do You Prepare for a Certificate Course?

Google says no degree or experience is required to enroll in these certificate courses. One of the purposes, Gevelber says, is to “remove college degrees from being a barrier to entry.”

How Long Does It Take to Get the Certificate?

Google says its career certificate courses generally take between three and six months to complete. It estimates that learners will devote about 10 weeks to each course. Users set their own pace, so the time it takes to finish varies.

Will Google career certificates get me a job?

Yes, they certainly do. Employees should broaden their skill sets and obtain professional certifications such as the Google Career Certificates. A Google Certificate can be well worth the effort if you’re trying to upskill through a self-paced online course while keeping your fees low.

Is a Google certificate better than a degree?

The degree is the best route if you have the time and finances. A university degree will last forever, even if you spend more time and money preparing for it. Certification may only be valid for a few years before you must recertify by taking the exam.


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