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An Engineering degree in Australia; Engineering in Australia is one that promises to be absolutely rewarding. It typically takes between 3 to 5 years to complete a B. Eng. degree at the University. Engineering degrees spans across lots of areas. There is Computer Engineering, Civil engineering, Mechanical engineering and more. In this article, we will be looking at Engineering in Australia.
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Why Study Engineering in Australia?

Australia provides the opportunity for a high standard of practicals rather than theoretical or idealised work for international students to succeed in acquiring skills and qualifications in any of the fields in the discipline of engineering faculty.


They include Medical Engineering, Biomedical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Software Engineering, Process Engineering, Aeronautical and Aerospace Engineering, Mining Engineering, Manufacturing and Mechatronics Engineering, Environmental Engineering courses and a host of others.


Australia’s multiculturalism nature and an unyielding democratic nature sums up for a perfect atmosphere for students to study and mingle in a distinct and homely environment. Australia has a valiant account of engineering feats that has provided for the vast experience and elaborate skills provided by the tertiary institutions.

Engineering in Australia


Australia has 37 engineering schools in total. This might appear as a large figure for a nation whose population is approximately 20 million. But it provides the international students with wide range of choices regarding locations, school size and approach to education to pick from. A student can decide to study at a university in one of the states’ capitals or decide between the universities located in the major regional centers throughout Australia.


Although the schools in Australia provide qualitative education, many of the institutions also possess an unyielding research focus. Thereby allowing students to engage in leading researches while dealing with real-life engineering works as students.


Benefits of Enrolling for Engineering in Australia

Engineering is a prestigious course that should be studied in good universities; Engineering in Australia. You sure wouldn’t go wrong with Australian Universities.


1. Australian universities provide extensive options for engineering courses
Be it civil, mechanical, electrical, electronics, telecommunications, chemical, computer, mechatronic, materials, agricultural, marine, mining, petroleum, geological, industrial, aerospace, environmental or biomedical. Australia provides for an immense range of options for engineering courses right across the country. This affords you the chance to specialize in your field of interest.


2. High quality employment potential
Australia is presently undergoing an extensive lack of engineers. Particularly in states that are experiencing increased growth in mining and resources for example, locations like Queensland and Western Australia.


This elevated request for Engineering graduates means that international students pursuing a degree in engineering have an unyielding potential of being gainfully employed in Australia. International graduates are expedient to meeting Australia’s engineering skills lack, with skillful migrant engineers.


3. Chances to reside in Australia after studies
The Engineering field is experiencing quick growth in Australia. Because skilled relocation is connected to Australia’s economical needs. International students who are eligible for engineering are seen to have great relative importance for securing permanent residency visas.


4. Internationally recognized qualifications
Australian universities are known for providing qualitative education. Australia degrees are reverted worldwide. There is an engineering association in Australia that regulates engineering programs therefore ensuring that the institutions offer quality courses to produce competent engineers.


How to Select Universities for Engineering degrees in Australia

1. Check for a university that covers the basics of your desired engineering course well.
2. Look out for a university that is dedicated to doing thorough researches.
3. Read up on the course organization and the units offered.
4. Ensure the school has competent lecturers. Do a background check on the lecturers.
5. Don’t forget to check the accommodation policy.
6. Don’t neglect searching for the location of the institution as well as checking if there is support for international students.


The following are top seven universities for engineering in Australia;


Melbourne school of Engineering at University of Melbourne, University of New South Wales, Australian National University, Monash University, RMIT ( Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology), University of Queensland and University of Sydney.


This should not make you overlook other institutions. Australia is loaded with competent engineering institutions; Engineering in Australia. You’re on your way to making the right choices.

Engineering in Australia

Requirements for Admission in Australian Universities


Applicants seeking to pursue an under-graduate and postgraduate degree in engineering programs, Engineering in Australia must have;
  • An overall IELTS score of 6.5, with no sub-score less than 6.0.
IELTS is a standardized test for checking students prowess in English Language. 


  • Alongside that, they must have finished their senior secondary school education in their native country and must be able to present the results for the required admission.
  • On the other hand, candidates applying for post graduate courses must have an undergraduate degree from a recognized university or something equal in value.
  • The projects that undergraduate embark on in their finals are also taken into consideration. These actually vary depending on the area you want to specialize. The prerequisite subjects are basically Mathematics, English, Physics and Chemistry.


We are guessing that this short guide has enlightened you about what the journey to study Engineering in Australia might look like. This is a decision you will be glad you made. The prestige that comes with being an Engineer is something to look forward to. And also, you will not be just a random engineer but one from prestigious Australian universities.


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