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The Computer Science Program for Master’s Degrees and Doctor of Philosophy is very available at McGill University. If you wish to pursue your Master’s degree program in Computer Science at McGill University in the great country of Canada, the McGill University is a great place to have it.

Computer Science at McGill University

In this article, we will be giving you a brief but detailed guide on all the important information you should know about studying for your MSc in Computer Science at McGill University in Canada especially and particularly, in McGill University. Let’s get to the main thing below;

 Firstly, where is the school of Computer science located in McGill University?

The Computer Science department is located at the “School of Computer Science” at McConnell Engineering, Room 318, at 3480 University Street in Montreal, Canada.
The official email address of the computer science department at McGill University is [email protected] and the website address or webpage is at


Some information about the School of Computer Science at McGill University.

There are a number of MSc programs available at the university and one PhD program. And both programs include Research works and course work. The School of Computer Science at McGill University is a top and leading teaching and research center for the computer science field in Canada. For the MSc list of programs, there are two options either the Thesis option or the non – thesis option. The non – thesis option requires a project. Both programs (that is, MSc and PhD) both include an option for Bioinformatics. So, students can either go for the original MSc programs ONLY or they can choose to include Bioinformatics in their program. Grants and scholarships are available to students. For these graduate programs, computer science research are done in areas that include;


Theory Aspect.
That means cryptography, quantum computing, algorithms, computational geometry and more.


The Systems Aspect.
This includes research on computer games, software engineering, networks etc.


And lastly, the Applications Aspect.
This includes computer science research on computer animations, robotics, bioinformatics, machine learning etc.
  • It is advised that all students visit the official Computer Science Graduate program website at for updated information about their graduate program.
What is the MSc Computer Science (Thesis) about?


This MSc Thesis program for computer science graduate students is for students that desire to pursue research in computer science deeply. And applicants must have an equivalent of undergraduate minor in computer science. This program brings together a research thesis with a course program. This is the usual path that is followed first by students who intend in doing their PhD, although it is not the compulsory/mandated path.


What is MSc Computer Science in Bioinformatics (Thesis)?


This is MSc Thesis program in computer science that includes BioInformatics. This combo program helps to train students in Bioinformatics research. Bioinformatics research is the glue that brings together Maths/Engineering/Computer Science with the Medical or Biological sciences. This discipline is an interdisciplinary one.


What is MSc Computer Science Non-Thesis about? 


Though this course is not recommended for students that still want to pursue a PhD later but it is good for those students that wish to gain a broad knowledge about very important and complex computer science topics but without needing a thesis. This particular non – thesis program helps to prepare students for the labour market in Computer Science.


What are the admission requirements for MSc in Computer Science?


In order to be considered for admission into the MSc program of Computer Science at McGill University, the student must have had a minimum Cumulative Grade Point Average(CGPA) of 3.2/4 in their Bachelor’s degree.


What are the application procedures?


To apply online and see/fill the application form, please visit apply. There are procedures to follow when applying and you can see the full application procedures at the McGill University website at


Additional Requirements for Application to this department.


These additional requirements listed below were set by the department of Computer Science and it is unique to only this department. They are;
  • Students must submit curriculum vitae for both MSc and PhD programs.
  • Students must provide a statement of purpose.
  • Also, students must provide the GRE General Test(Graduate Record Examination)which is required for students that had their degrees from outside Canada.
Although, this is not compulsory for students enrolled in the PhD program. Are there any application deadlines and specific dates?


Usually, the deadlines for application are set usually by the School of Computer Science and the deadlines are usually revised and adjusted to suit the statistics. While the application dates are usually set by the Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies(GPS) in conjunction with Enrolment services.
Applying students must be visiting the website of McGill University as well as the Computer Science website very frequently in order to stay updated with the latest news as soon as they are released.


Other important things to note.


Did you know that the McGill’s University Computer Science Department is the 2nd most funded computer science department in the whole of Canada? The Department of Computer Science at McGill University was founded in 1969. The school of Computer Science is located in the McConnell building and it was moved to the building in 1988.


Do you also know that the “Archie Search Engine” which is the first search engine for the internet was created by three McGill University Computer Science students?


Their names are Alan Entage, Bill Heelan, and J. Peter Deutsch in 1990. As an international student that wants to do their MSc in a high quality university in Canada, you can see that McGill University is indeed a great choice for you to pursue your MSc in Computer Science, isn’t it?


In conclusion, we have given you a good deal of information about enrolling for MSc in Computer Science at the McGill University. Though getting admitted for the Graduates program can be very competitive; applying early enough will help a great deal. Just make sure that you follow all the instructions and guidelines very carefully and meet all the requirements.


We hope you learnt a great deal from this article. Good luck with your academic endeavours.

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