Best Civil Engineering Schools in Ohio 2023

Best Civil Engineering Schools in Ohio!

There are many options you can select from when it comes to enrolling in the best civil engineering schools in Ohio. And thanks to the advent of online learning, you can study at a university halfway across the country without ever setting foot outside of your home. Additionally, there are lots of trade schools that provide quick courses that expand the range of possible careers.

To assist you in seeing some of the education options that are available to you, Scholarshipsofar has created its Best Civil Engineering Schools in Ohio ranking. Our analysis looked at 1o school in Ohio to see which programs offered the best educational experiences for students.

What is Civil Engineering?

Civil engineering is the application of physical and scientific principles for the design, development, and maintenance of both the constructed and the naturally built environment. This includes infrastructure such as airports, bridges, buildings, canals, dams, pipelines, power plants, railways, roads, sewage systems, and more.

Civil engineering is the second-oldest engineering discipline, after military engineering, having been created to differentiate civilian from military engineering. As a result, civil engineering is a broad discipline that is broken down into several sub-disciplines.

Civil engineering has evolved in modern times to take into account many current environmental issues, helping to address problems with pollution and limited water sources while evaluating the possibility of sustainable energy in the sector.

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Requirements for Admission to civil Engineering Programs in Ohio

Best Civil Engineering schools in Ohio

Having a good understanding of Mathematics and Science is very important for civil engineers since the two help in making good predictions as regards the functionality and performance of the structure they design.

Also, the standard of admission for individuals that desire to study civil engineering differs for each school. But having good academic performance most especially in mathematics and science are prerequisite.

Due to the specialized nature of civil engineering, many courses are extremely exclusive and demanding, necessitating exceptional grades (three As at A-level in the UK) as a standard requirement among prestigious universities.

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Best Civil Engineering Schools in Ohio

Below is the list of best universities in Ohio:

Ohio State University

This Best Civil Engineering schools in Ohio offers both undergraduate and graduate degrees in Civil engineering.

The accreditation for the civil engineering and environmental engineering departments at The Ohio State University was given by The Engineering Accreditation Commission of ABET.

Case Western Reserve University 

This Private Institution in Ohio offers Engineering degree programs in Environmental, geotechnical, and structural engineering, construction engineering and management, and engineering mechanics and it is one of the best civil engineering schools in Ohio.


The university also has a program for cooperative education that lets students work with engineering firms. Both graduate and undergraduate students can use it.

Ohio Northern University

This Best Civil Engineering school in Ohio is an independent and comprehensive institution. The school offers engineering degree programs in environmental systems, geotechnical design, structural analysis, transportation, and water resources.

University of Dayton

The Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering & Engineering Mechanics at the University of Dayton offers an accredited, modern program that imparts the core concepts and practical techniques of the civil engineering field.

The University of Dayton also provides a master’s degree in civil engineering in addition to its bachelor’s programs and is one of the best engineering schools in Ohio.

University of Cincinnati

This Best civil engineering schools in Ohio is a public school, located in Cincinnati.

Cincinnati also provides two additional higher degree levels in civil engineering, the most common of which is a Master’s Degree, for those who are interested in something more exceptional.

Students majoring in civil engineering at the University of Cincinnati’s Main Campus make about $4,644 more than other civil engineering majors do on average.

Ohio University

OHIO Athens is a fairly large public university located in the town of Athens.

There were about 100 civil engineering students who graduated with this degree at OHIO Athens in the most recent data year. Civil Engineering degree recipients from Ohio University – Athens Campus earn a boost of around $8,595 over the average income of civil engineering graduates.

Ohio University offers undergraduate certifications in civil engineering as well as research- and scholarship-based doctorates.

The Engineering Accreditation Commission of ABET has approved the Civil Engineering degree program.

Cleveland State University

Located in the large city of Cleveland, Cleveland State University is a public university with a fairly large student population.

The Civil and Environmental Engineering Department prepares its students to take on tomorrow’s challenges through its graduate program and undergraduate programs, both of which have earned ABET accreditation.

Cleveland State University provides a master’s degree in civil engineering in addition to its bachelor’s programs.


University of Toledo

This best civil engineering schools in Ohio provides a comprehensive education in the principles of civil and environmental engineering.

Students who enroll in the University of Toledo’s civil engineering program graduate with the superior problem-solving abilities, technological know-how, and communication skills required of licensed civil engineers.

The University of Toledo also offers a master’s program in civil engineering in addition to its bachelor’s degree offerings.

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Youngstown State University

Youngstown State’s civil engineering program has been continuously accredited by ABET since 1959, which points it in the right route for success. You’ll gain a solid grounding in math, science, and engineering basics as well as a thorough understanding of all of the major subfields within the subject of civil engineering.

Located in the small city of Youngstown, Youngstown State University is a public university with a large student population.

A master’s degree in civil engineering is also available at Youngstown State University. after completing their undergraduate degree.

University of Akron

Lastly on the list of the best civil engineering schools in Ohio. The University of Akron’s Civil Engineering department, which is situated in the medium-sized city of Akron, offers a clear academic curriculum, possibilities for real-world experience through our co-op and job placement program, and the chance to improve the world.

The University of Akron Main Campus also offers a Master’s and Ph.D. in Civil Engineering for individuals looking for something more specialized.


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