Best Art Schools in Maryland (2023)

Best Art Schools in Maryland.

Without a doubt, Maryland is one of the most fascinating states in the United States.

A tour around this state can be likened to entering another planet where all one is exposed to is peace and beauty.

Hence, one shouldn’t be surprised about the fact that Maryland houses some of the Best Art Schools in the world.

Maryland is one of the northernmost states in the union, but it has a distinct culture that is most like that of Southern America. As a result, the nation’s most well-known artists have been greatly influenced by its rich cultural history.

Maryland, with its colonial roots, provides an opportunity for painters to draw inspiration from the extensive history of their surroundings and tell the story of the United States with each brushstroke.

With these art schools, students are sure of having a burgeoning career in art.

Best Art Schools in Maryland

1. Maryland Institute College of Art (Baltimore, MD) – Best Art Schools in Maryland



This Best Art schools in Maryland is noted for its wide selection of artistic events and activities.

At Maryland Institute College of Art, students can put their studies to use by exhibiting and selling their artwork to the city of Baltimore at MICA’s annual Art Market.

Students develop the self-assurance that comes with presenting their work, negotiation, and sales abilities, and the financial advantages that formally qualify them as “professional artists” through this process.

Similar to this, the annual MICA Grad Exhibition gives 150 students on average the opportunity to exhibit their work in a formal setting each year. By doing this, it gives these students the chance to live the life of a “real” artist and witness how their work is valued by a diverse group of like-minded people in Baltimore.

2. Towson University (Towson, MD) – Best Art Schools in Maryland

This Best Art schools in Maryland was first founded in the 1970s as a reaction to rising in anti-Asia attitudes. Students enrolled in the Townson University Department of Art and Design have access to a variety of galleries where they can observe fresh and distinctive stylings up close.

The school doesn’t just house different varieties of Asian artworks but also frequently hosts performances of this art form.


3. University of Maryland, College Park (College Park, MD) – Best Art Schools in Maryland

This Best art schools in Maryland prides itself in giving students the opportunity to study art in a novel way as they diligently investigate the connection between tradition and new media.

The school educates students on the value of visual design across all disciplines, thereby raising the standard to a new level via an appreciation for both traditional and contemporary art.

4. Morgan State University (Baltimore, MD) – Best Art Schools in Maryland


Students can choose to major in one of four artistic disciplines through Morgan State University’s visual arts program: art history, graphic design, illustration, or the multi-media studio track.

Each student has equal access to the comprehensive, professional education they need to succeed, regardless of the field they have chosen.

Also, because this university is situated in the center of Baltimore, students can study for their master’s without leaving the comfort of their dorms by being just a few blocks from some of the best art museums in the country.

5. Salisbury University (Salisbury, MD) – Best Art Schools in Maryland

The Salisbury University Art Department has increased in size during the past twenty years.

This is largely because of the program’s commitment to giving young artists the flexibility to devote themselves with a devoted, reputable passion to their chosen field.

This program offers four credits per art course, compared to many others that only provide three. By doing this, they appreciate the extra time that this major requires students to spend in their studios and allow their artists to spend more time concentrating on fewer subjects.

Students are exposed to a steady stream of visiting artists as they concentrate on their creativity. No matter what field of study they intend to pursue explicitly, these exhibitions—which feature anything from Matt Motel’s multimedia performance to Alexander Rosenburg’s glass-blowing—provide all students with equal access to inspiration from across the artistic spectrum.

6. Goucher College (Baltimore, MD) – Best Art Schools in Maryland

Every student in Goucher College’s art program is committed to graduating with a complete portfolio of works they may use to advance their future careers.

What better way to achieve this than by drawing inspiration from those who have already done it?

There are four dedicated art galleries on this site where students can copy other artists’ styles as they try to develop their own.

While three of these galleries are kept open for visiting artists, the Corrin Student Gallery is left empty so that students can fill it with their own creations and learn from one another as well as gain experience showing their own work in a professional manner.

7. McDaniel College (Westminster, MD) – Best Art Schools in Maryland

The McDaniel College art program demonstrates that there are thriving job options available for an enthusiastic artist in today’s forward-thinking society.

A look at their motivating past students is the best way to demonstrate that passion.

Stephanie Kurtya advanced her education in the field of art therapy and later rose to the position of art therapist coordinator at The Child and Adolescent Center.

By using the healing power of art, she uses her degree to assist others in mending their relationships and their emotional wounds.

8. Frostburg State University (Frostburg, MD) – Best Art Schools in Maryland

Students at Frostburg State University’s art school have access to some of the best buildings in the region, including studios, darkrooms, and cutting-edge computer labs.

Students have the opportunity to explore the most intricate parts of their own artistic potential thanks to modern technologies and art forms.

Students have access to two distinct Macintosh computer labs in their state-of-the-art computer labs, which are reserved particularly for the graphic design and visual arts department.

Every student has access to color printers, laser engravers, and 3D printers here to use for their projects.


9. St. Mary’s College of Maryland (St. Mary’s City, MD) -Best Art Schools in Maryland

The art department at Saint. Mary’s College of Maryland understands that the best art is inspired by all of the individual, out-of-the-box passions of the artist.

St. Mary’s draws artists and experts from all over the world in an effort to support this line of thinking in all of its art students, enabling students to benefit from their global experience.

St. Mary’s provides its pupils with significant educational possibilities inside the safe, supportive environment of their beautiful campus by drawing on working artists like Kwon.

10. Hood College (Frederick, MD) – Best Art Schools in Maryland

Graduates from this Best Art schools in Maryland are educated so as to secure employment in museums, galleries, or art.

Their acclaimed ceramics program is the result of the fusion of art and history. This curriculum, like all of Hood College’s art education, succeeds by encouraging students to find inspiration in both the present and the past.

Participants in this program recently advanced their skills by learning how to make their own tea bowls, a key component of the Japanese tea ceremony, by studying an old Japanese pottery style.

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