11 Best Art Schools in Los Angeles | 2023

11 Best Art Schools in Los Angeles.

Are you interested in sharpening your art skills? or you are passionate about arts, Enrolling in one of Los Angeles Art schools is an excellent way to start a career in art.

According to the Oxford Dictionary, Art is the expression or application of human creative skills and imagination. This expression typically takes the shape of visuals, such as paintings, and the objective of the works generated by art is to be beautiful or evocative.

This guide about the Best Art Schools in Los Angeles details why you should consider the Arts Institutions in Los Angeles to study arts, Also, you will discover the earnings and prospect potentials open to you as an artist.

What are the required educational qualifications for artists?

Getting started as an artist, usually doesn’t require any educational requirements due to the fact that art has a wide scope and not all art occupations demand the same level of technical expertise.

Therefore, the minimum educational requirement for some art-related professional routes will be a bachelor’s degree, while others will require only an associate’s degree. Some will even require that you earn an advanced degree.

However, for any art-related employment, an associate’s degree is pertinent. Having a degree in any area of arts, apart from being a good way to start a career, will also imbibe you with the necessary training and skills needed to be a great artist.

To earn an art degree in any area of specialty you chose, will require you to take certain courses, some of these courses include:

  • Courses in Drawing
  • Courses in Color Theory
  • Courses in design
It is important for you to know, that employers prioritize your accomplishments more than the certifications you enmassed. Therefore art education is very crucial to your career as an artist.

List of the Best Art Schools in Los Angeles

The following is a list of the Best Art Schools in Los Angeles:

1. Art Center College of Design

Best Art Schools in Los Angeles

This Best Art School in Los Angeles was established in 1930 and is a private art school in Pasadena, California. The school has about 2133 students enrolled in bachelor’s and master’s degree programs in several art professions.

At Art Center College of Design, the school prioritizes Advertising Environmental Design, Film, Fine Art, and Illustration and is one of the Best art schools in Los Angeles.

2. The Art Institute of California

Also making the list of the Best Art Schools in Los Angeles is the prestigious California Institute of Arts(CalArts). CalArts is a private art institution, located in Santa Clara in Los Angeles. Founded by Walt Disney, the university offers you the ability to create a burgeoning network and offer art degree programs through its six art schools: Art, Critical Studies, Dance, Film/Video, Music, and Theater for both the undergraduate and graduate folks.


3. Long Beach State University, California

This Best Art schools in California is a public university and has about 37,448 students enrolled.

The College of Arts at CSU Long Beach provides creative and comprehensive arts education. You can easily enroll in one of CSULB’s departments of Art, Dance, Design, Film, Music, Theatre, the Carpenter Performing Arts Center, or the Kleefeld Contemporary, depending on the type of Arts degree you desire.


4. Chapman College

Chapman college is a private institution located in Orange, Los Angeles and was founded in 1861 and has an affiliation with the Christian Disciples of Christ denomination.

The Best art schools in Los Angeles has about 8,305 students currently enrolled in both undergraduate and graduate programs of the institution.

If you have interest in dance, music and theatre, Chapman’s college of performing arts is highly recommended.

5. Loyola Marymount College

Best Art Schools in Los Angeles

Los Angeles, California’s Loyola Marymount University (LMU) is a Jesuit-affiliated institution. It was founded in 1865 and offers some of the greatest undergraduate and graduate degree programs. With a student body of 9,390, LMU provides an excellent education in small classes, with a 13:1 student-to-faculty ratio.

The College of Communication & Fine Arts at Loyola Marymount University offers all art courses offered by the university. LMU offers 9 undergraduate and graduate art degree programs, including 6 bachelor’s degrees and 3 master’s programs.

See also:

6. Mount Saint Mary’s College

Located in Emmitsburg, Maryland. Mount Saint Mary’s College is a private catholic institution with a student strength of about 3,431 currently enrolled.

The Best Art Schools in Los Angeles programs are among the best in Los Angeles. This Best Art Schools in Los Angeles offers undergraduate programs in Art, Film, Media, Communications, and Music.

If you are interested in a master’s degree, The Mount offers the Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing and the Master of Fine Arts in Film and Television.

7. Otis College of Art and Design

Also making the list of the Best Art schools in Los Angeles, is The Otis College of Art and Design which started as a private institution in 1918.

BFA degrees are available in 16 art disciplines, including Fine Arts, Illustration, Graphics Design, Landscape Design, and Fashion Design, with a student-to-teacher ratio of 8:1. In addition, this Best Art Schools in Los Angeles offer some of the greatest MFA in Fine Arts, MFA in Graphics Design, and MFA in Writing programs.

8. Pepperdine College

This Best Art Schools in Los Angeles is a Los Angeles private institution based in Malibu, California, although it was founded in 1937 in Pepperdine, South Los Angeles. It is affiliated with The Church of Christ and has a total of 7,632 undergraduate and graduate students enrolled in its programs.

The Pepperdine Seaver College of Letters, Arts, and Sciences provides four undergraduate arts degrees and two graduate arts degrees at this Los Angeles college. Art Major and Minor, Art History Major and Minor, Communication Major and Minor, and Creative Writing Major and Minor are undergraduate degree programs. Master of Fine Arts in Cinematic Media Production (MFA) and Master of Fine Arts in Writing for Screen and Television are the graduate-level art programs at this Los Angeles school (MFA).

9. Pomona College

Also making the list of the best art schools in Los Angeles is Pomona college, which is a private institution that was established in 1887, with a student strength of 1,663 currently enrolled and an 8:1 student-to-faculty ratio.

You must be enrolled in one of the five departments in Ponmona college, to study arts. These departments are: the Art Department, the Art and History Department, the Art Museum, the Music Department, and the Theatre & Dance Department

10. Irvine University of California

When it comes to an art and design education, the University of California, Irvine (UCI) is another Best Art Schools in Los Angeles that offers excellent value. This prominent Los Angeles college was founded in 1965 as a public research university in Irvine, California. It has 30,836 students and a student-to-faculty ratio of 17 to 1.

While UCI offers undergraduate and graduate degrees in virtually every subject of study, the art degree is awarded by the Claire Trevor School of Art. This Los Angeles art institution is comprised of four departments – Art, Dance, Drama, and Music – from which art students from all over the world can receive an unrivaled arts education.

11. Los Angeles University of California

Wrapping up the list of our best art schools in Los Angeles is The Los Angeles University of California which is located in Westwood, Los Angeles. UCLA is a public research institution with a student strength of 41,908 currently enrolled.

Through three schools, this Best Art Schools in Los Angeles now provides a comprehensive range of art and design programs in Los Angeles. School of the Arts and Architecture, Herb Alpert School of Music, and School of Theater, Film, and Television. Each of these art and design schools in Los Angeles offers excellent undergraduate and graduate programs leading to a degree in degree.

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