Best Art And Design Schools in Australia (2023)

Best Art And Design Schools in Australia:

Perhaps, you have wondered on what the Best art and Design schools are in Australia. This article is for you.

Getting a degree in arts and design isn’t really a big deal, the most important is getting it from a quality school that is among the best.

Arts and Design schools in Australia are Among the best institution in the world where you can get a degree in Arts and Design.

This article addresses all you need to know about studying at the best arts and Design schools in Australia and how you can submit an application.

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What are arts and design?

Arts and design encompass sketching, painting, digital design software, and many visual art forms.

Those that have built a career in arts and design are considered to be very creative and innovative since with their touch anything can become so beautiful.

This area of study includes not just fine art, but also design disciplines such as graphic design and illustration, as well as fashion, costume, craft, and industrial design.

An artist or designer has the ability to change almost anything into a work of art that is visually captivating and aesthetically beautiful.

Art and Design Degree Programs in Australian Schools


You can build a career in Arts and Design by enrolling in one of Australia’s highly-rated Art and Design schools.

You will have the opportunity not just to have your dream as an artist or designer come true, but you will also become an architect of beautiful, and alluring designs and arts.

Australia is one of the most popular study centers, as it offers good education in all fields most especially in art and design, hence it is one of the most desirable countries to study for international students.

With a degree in art and design from one of the top Australia universities listed below, you are quite assured of gaining good employment.

Australia has an excellent art culture and is home to the Sydney Opera House, one of the best-performing arts centers of the 21st century.

The art schools and universities on this list are the greatest in Australia, and they provide students with an experiential grasp and knowledge of paintings, interior design, architectural design, ballet, fashion, and photography, as well as any other art-related subject.

List of the Best Art And Design Schools in Australia

The following is a list of the Best Art And Design Schools in Australia:

1. RMIT University – #1 on the list of the Asia Pacific’s Best Art and Design Schools in Australia

Best Art And Design Schools

The RMIT University’s art and design programs are among the top art and design institutions in the Asia-Pacific.

Since the institution is located in Melbourne, you are free to draw inspiration from the entire city. You may utilize the classroom facilities and expansive creative studio environments at RMIT. Its facilities even have a cutting-edge media room. Many courses are available, including game creation, fashion, photography, merchandising, animation, and visual arts.

Under the direction of university instructors and the principles of personal mentorship, RMIT students have been able to create world-class artworks. Janelle Low, a student who graduated from RMIT with a diploma in photography and photo imaging, went on to win the national photography portrait size competition.

The National Gallery of Victoria correctly commissioned the collaboration between the two RMIT scholars (NGV). Their 3D-printed installation “Floe” is currently on display as part of the NGV Triennial EXTRA project.

Their accomplishments demonstrate that your prospects of enrolling at RMIT are excellent. This Best Art And Design School is a stepping stone to an art and design profession.

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2. University of New South Wales – Leading in Australia’s Best art and design schools

Being a top university in Australia and one of the Best Art And Design Schools in the world, the University of New South Wales is home to the largest art and design community in the nation. As a practitioner, researcher, educator, or student, you want to be a part of the greatest art community, and I can promise you that this is one of the best.

This Best Art And Design School emphasizes three primary areas: media, art, and design. These fields include digital design, advertising, branding, art writing, business, and photography as study options.

In addition, being one of the Best Art And Design Schools design, a variety of scholarships are available to students!

After attaining a world-class accomplishment in the form of the Excellence in Research for Australia (ERA) study, the school’s research in art and design is highly noteworthy. As a student at this institution, your art and design professional profile will be considerably enhanced by the school’s links with more than a thousand industries in the cultural and creative domains.

The University of New South Wales is the premier art and design institution in Australia.

3. University of Sydney – Museums, Collections, Galleries

Best Art And Design Schools

This Best Art And Design Schools demonstrate the significance and excellence of this distinguished institution. In addition to museums, the university has its own university art collection and university art gallery; this is why it is regarded as one of the Best Art And Design Schools in Australia. Its art collections are housed in different locations, including the War Monument and Sir Herman Black Gallery, where they host exhibitions.

In the domains of architecture, visual arts, user experience design, effective communication, and digital media creation, their courses prepare students for the future.

Students have the opportunity to contact industry professionals through guest lectures, mailing lists, career events, and even the school’s annual graduation exhibition.

In addition, with the largest library in the southern hemisphere, the University of Sydney gives its students opportunities for study and innovation.

You will enjoy and gain from being an art and design student at this university. These talents will help increase your global visibility in your line of employment.

4. University of Technology Sydney (UTS) – A Successful Environment for Artists and Designers

This Best Art And Design School is the top university in New South Wales for the Department of Art and Design. This is based on the 2018 QS topic ranking for art and design.

When you study at the University of Technology Sydney, you are studying at one of the greatest art and design schools in Australia, and your studies here will introduce you to new artistic approaches, alter your perspective, and introduce you to a community of like-minded individuals.

There are numerous course options available. This Best Art And Design School offers courses in animation, fashion and textiles, visual communication, product design, and photography, among others.

This university’s students have undertaken substantial study in the realm of art and design. For instance, one of the “Pleasant Places” initiatives included early 20th-century pictures of Nauru from the Australian Public Archives.

The University of Technology in Sydney has conducted extensive research on the enhancement of art and design. Hence, you can integrate research into your topic of interest.

University of Technology Sydney (UTS) – A Successful Environment for Artists and Designers

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5. University of Melbourne – One of the Best and Oldest Art and Design Schools


In 2020, the QS Global University Rankings placed the University of Melbourne among the top twenty art schools worldwide. The University of Melbourne is one of the greatest art and design colleges in Australia, as evidenced by the fact that it is versatile and progressive.

Being one of the university’s oldest and largest colleges, the Bachelor of Arts is the university’s first degree. This Best Art And Design School ensures student assistance through developing collaborative initiatives with other foreign universities and creating links with the government and other non-governmental organizations.

In fact, the college’s faculty of arts is largely considered Australia’s preeminent art school. This Best Art And Design School has around 9,500 students and provides over 600 subjects in forty research streams.

Several courses cover a variety of research disciplines, including art management and cultural protection. In addition, the Arts West Gallery features the university’s own artistic creations. For the purpose of enhancing the student experience in Australia, the university regularly hosts exhibitions, the most recent being “Awaken.”

This nation is well-known for its zeal and tolerance for art and design, as well as its schools, universities, and other academic institutions. Almost nothing can prevent you from exploring your artistic and design abilities.



Getting a degree in arts and design will sharpen your creativity and innovation skills and also offer you a good paycheck.  Creatives can find themselves working in the most amazing places – ranging from festivals, exhibitions and events, to celebrity functions, and royal parades.



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