7 Best Music Education Schools in the US (2023)

Best Music Education Schools in the US:

In this article, we consider the Best Music Education Schools in the US.

Teaching is one of the most common and highly appreciated profession, which is also true for musicians.

With Music Education, this 2 (teaching and music) can be combined toget

Both of those professions are combined through music education, offering musicians the possibility to share their passion for music with both young children and teenagers.

Youth ensemble directors can be trained by music education programs to teach music in K–12 classrooms. Students in music education can pursue graduate studies as well, where they will conduct research and instruct college-level courses in the subject.

The colleges on this list all have strong undergraduate music programs with ensembles and performing opportunities for their students (schools that only provide master’s degrees are not included on the list).

Also, they offer students teaching certifications for their native states (which are almost always transferable to other states in the U.S.). The placement rates at all of the colleges on this list are actually close to or at 100%.


Best Music Education Schools in the US

1. UCLA Herb Alpert School of Music (Los Angeles, CA)

This Best Music Education Schools in the US equips students with creativity as far as music education is concerned

At UCLA, students receive a variety of musical knowledge, getting exposed to general music, instrumental music, and choral/vocal music, in addition to the pedagogical skills necessary for every teacher.


2. Hartford School of Music at the University of Hartford (Hartford, CT)

Best Music Education Schools in the US
Best Music Education Schools in the US

This Best Music Education Schools in the US is noted for having one of the most extensive music education in the country. It is a hybrid conservatory and educational program. In addition to training potential teachers in general music, choral music, wind, and string instrumental pedagogy, the curriculum also introduces them to Kodály, Suzuki, and Orff’s approaches.

The course on offer at Hartford school of music at the University of Hartford equips students with all of the necessary skills to instruct a range of students across the US.

3. St. Olaf College (Northfield, MN)

At St. Olaf College, The music and education departments combine the work of the Education and Music Departments. Students studying at this college, apart from majoring in music education also receive specialized instruction and study pedagogical studies and literature.

The excellent faculty’s expertise is passed on to the students. In addition to leading the Augsburg College Cedar Singers Men’s Chorus, visiting assistant professor Dale Kruse also instructs choral music at Armstrong High School and Wayzata High School, passing on all of his knowledge to the students.

As Music Director for the Minnesota Opera and a performer with numerous organizations, Kruse has extensive knowledge of the power of music.

4. University of Michigan School of Music, Theatre, and Dance (Ann Arbor, MI)

This Best Music Education schools in the US has trained music educators at every level of teaching during the course of its over 50 years of existence.

The Music Department at the University of Michigan provides prospective music educators with the personnel and resources they need to develop a passion and appreciation for music in young people.

Students interested in music education at Michigan have a variety of options. Students can choose to specialize in instrumental music education, choral music education, or even the recently added popular music minor.

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5. Vanderbilt University Blair School of Music (Nashville, TN)

In the music education program at Vanderbilt University, students receive conservatory-level training with a liberal arts focus. Future music teachers become not only experts in their instruments but also first-class instructors.

A lot of Blair faculty members are always featured in the Nashville Symphony, which is one of the best classical music ensembles in the country

Via practice assignments and student teaching positions, students get real-world experience in collaboration with the Peabody School of Education. Peabody offers students the chance to apply for scholarships as well as a state teaching certificate.


6. Indiana University Jacobs School of Music (Bloomington, IN)

Future teachers studying at the Indiana University Jacobs School of Music can pick from four areas of emphasis: choral, general, band, or orchestra.

Whichever focus they decide upon, students will have many opportunities to play in front of audiences in IU’s many performance halls. Every student participates in at least one ensemble each semester, joining any of the school’s two dozen bands, choirs, orchestras, and more.

Students learn under a faculty of experienced teachers and performers, each an expert at their craft. In addition to chairing the music education department, professor Brent Gault has taught early childhood music courses across the country. Additionally, professor Gault has presented at numerous conferences in the field and has published in various early education journals.

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7. Florida State University School of Music (Tallahassee, FL)

This Best Music Education Schools in the US offers diverse music instruction programs. The majors available at FSU are choral conducting, instrumental conducting, music therapy, and others.

The Students at FSU as a result of this training can teach elementary and general music, as well as middle school and high school chorus, orchestra, and band. Classes on topics ranging from conducting and ear training to teaching strategies and classroom management give them experience.

In addition, FSU has a summer-only program that allows music educators to complete a standard master’s degree while still working as teachers.


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