10 Best Medical Schools in Spain

Best Medical Schools in Spain!

Medical schools program in Spain is one of the most affordable and highly recognized institution in the world. The Country is noted for its cultural diversity, good weather, and cuisine.

Generally, Medical schools in Spain are not expensive. However, it’s imperative to note that, for the full-time medical degree on offer, it is only Spanish language that can be studied (English-language courses are just one-off or exchange options).

The article details all you need to know about the Best Medical schools in Spain


best medical schools in spain

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Best Medical Schools in Spain

These are the best medical schools in Spain:

1. University of Barcelona Medical and Health Sciences Faculty

This Best Medical schools in Spain is rated as the best university in Spain. Founded in 1450 The University of Barcelona is also one of the oldest institutions in the world.

The University of Barcelona Medical and Health Sciences and its faculty are a great place to study medicine. The six-year MD program is highly acclaimed and has a strong practical component that includes clinical experience for primary care and specialized care as well as rotations.

The Tuition cost at this Best medical schools in Spain is comparatively lower than that of the medical schools in the US.



2. Autonomous University of Barcelona 

This Best University in Spain was founded in 1968. Also known as UAB, The Autonomous University of Barcelona is a public university and has facilities in and out of Spain.

The main Bellaterra Campus(Home to the faculty of medicine) is located in Cerdanyola del Vallès in the Barcelona metropolitan area. The primary languages of instruction are Catalan and Spanish, but several bachelor’s and a number of master’s degree programs are offered in English.

3. University of Navarra Medicine Faculty

Ranked #389  in Best Global Universities, The University of Navarra is a private medical institution in Spain.

Established in 1952, This Best Medical schools in Spain administer CUN, a teaching hospital, and CIMA, a medical research facility, where medical students can acquire practical knowledge under the supervision of top doctors and professors.  University of Navarra Faculty of Medicine also offers a medical exchange program abroad in addition to its standard MD degree.

There are 200 students accepted for the medical program each year, and Spanish students must pass an entrance exam after graduating from high school, preferably with a focus in the sciences. For international students, numerous possibilities exist based on their background.

4. University of Valencia School of Medicine

The University of Valencia is a public university founded as far back as 1499 and is one of Spain’s oldest institution.

The university has three campuses in Valencia, Spain, and the surrounding metropolitan area – Avenida de  Blasco Ibáñez, which houses the faculty of medicine,  Burjassot-Paterna, and Tarongers campuses.

The primary language of instruction at the University of Valencia is Spanish, but some bachelor’s and master’s degree programs are partially or fully English-taught. Some of the English-taught master’s offerings include programs in international business management as well as economics. Catalan is also spoken at the institution. And is regarded as one of the best medical schools in Spain.

The six-year, full-time medical degree program here uses a mix of Spanish, Valencian, and English in the classroom. It emphasizes on a high level of clinical practice as well as comprehending the fundamentals of biology and the significance of the relationship between humans and their physical and social environments.

5. Autonomous University of Madrid School of Medicine

Founded in 1968, this best medical schools in Spain is a public institution. Also known as UAM, This highly regarded institution in Spain was founded in the same year as the Autonomous University of Barcelona and the University of the Basque Country.

The Faculty of Medicine at UAM is located a few miles south of the Cantoblanco site, near the La Paz University Hospital, where students can study medicine, nursing, biochemistry, and human nutrition and dietetics.

Although most of the courses at this Spanish medical school are taught in Spanish, some are also offered in English, particularly for exchange students. The Faculty of Medicine welcomes visiting students in the Master’s program as well as international students for clinical rotations. On the other hand, you must enroll in the six-year Spanish-language program if you want to get an MD.

6. Complutense University of Madrid Faculty of Medicine

This Best medical schools in Spain has about 86,000 students currently enrolled and is among the oldest institutions in the world, founded in 1293.

Hospital Clinico Universitario de San Carlos, Hospital Gregorio Maranon, and Hospital 12 October are all run by the School of Medicine. Numerous specialty clinics that are run in conjunction with the Ministry of Health or that carry out particular research for the Ministry are also located on campus. The School of Medicine collaborates closely with the government as a result and receives substantial support as a result.

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7. Pompeu Fabra University 

Founded by the Autonomous Government of Catalonia in 1990, Pompeu Fabra is a public university that is regarded as one of the best medical schools in Spain. Along with the University of Barcelona and the Complutense University of Madrid, this university is among the top three in Spain and holds a high reputation worldwide.

Also known as UPF this university offers three major programs:

  • Social sciences and humanities;
  • Health and life sciences;
  • Communications and information technologies

This program only accepts about 60 students per year, which is a pretty small number.

8. University of Granada Faculty of Medicine

Another top medical school in Spain is the University of Granada. The University of Granada is the fourth-largest university in Spain and is situated in the city of Granada. It was established in 1531, and it is one of the oldest universities in Spain.

The two main concentrations of this university’s medical faculty are general medicine and dermatology. The first two years of the medicine degree are devoted to developing a solid scientific foundation, after which the third year of the program shifts its emphasis to clinical practice and continues to develop until the sixth year, which is entirely practical. San Cecilio University Hospital, Virgen de las Nieves University Hospital, and the Health Centers of the Granada-Metropolitan Health District are three adjacent healthcare facilities where clinical practice is conducted.

9. University of Salamanca Faculty of Medicine

The University of Salamanca is the third-oldest in the world and the oldest in the Hispanic region. Founded in 1134, Salamanca University’s history includes renowned graduates and a significant tie to the clerical world in the beginning before becoming more secular over the course of centuries. centuries.

This Best medical schools in Spain is home to the greatest number of students from outside of Spain, as well as many students from other countries. It has many research facilities to support teaching, including the Institute of Neuroscience of Castile and Leon, the Cancer Research Center, and the Ultrashort Ultraintense Pulse Lasers Center.

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10. University of Seville Medical School

The University of Seville was founded in 1505, as Colegio de Santa María de Jesús, and over 500 hundred years they are one of the best schools in Spain, offering high-quality education and experience. This university is also a museum, with amazing heritage and history represented in perfectly conditioned pieces.

Since 1508, the Faculty of Medicine has undergone numerous changes. Today, it accepts a sizable number of Spanish students preparing for medical careers. Three sizable university hospitals—Virgen Macarena, Virgen del Rocio, and Virgen de Valme—offer chances for clinical teaching for the organization. Numerous research groups are housed at the university.

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